Currently wearing: Black & white plaid pleated skirt, stretchy white top, black cardigan, black mary janes, that ring.
Currently listening to: Up – Peter Gabriel
Currently reading: Motown – Gerald Posner
Currently drinking: Water
Currently considering: The fantasy that I’m some kind of mental freak.
Currently adjusting to: My groovy, but baffling new glasses.
Currently digging on: Marriage. It is such a blessing. Also, the fact that I’m not actually mental. I do the best I can, and I’m proud of myself.

‘Twas a good weekend. It had its problems and disappointments, but when I tally it up, good outweighs bad.
We were very productive, to meaningful ends. It felt good. Last night, cutting up some tomatoes for salad, I looked around my kitchen and sighed. I like my home. After several years of temporary abodes, and moving, and living between two states, it’s incredible to feel this settled. And I feel accomplished – we’ve worked so hard, and we’ve come so far in the last three years. Honey, we rock!

Saturday, I awoke early and started the spring cleaning around the place (most of this was finished by 2 or so on Saturday, the rest on Sunday) including:

  • Washing the bathroom rugs, tons of towels, all the sheets, the winter comforter, and three loads of clothes.
  • Putting away all of the above.
  • Sweeping and cleaning the second bathroom
  • Cleaning out the downstairs catbox.
  • Sweeping and cleaning the kitchen floor, including the cat feeding areas.
  • Washing the cat fountain and all cat bowls and mats.
  • Scrubbing the kitchen sink until the chrome gleaned.
  • Loading, running, & unloading the dishwasher (with D’s help) – twice.
  • Finishing recording the tapes for the trades I promised.
  • Picking up living room.

    After chores on Saturday morning, we ran around town doing that kind of stuff you never get around to during the week. During the time we were out, the weather changed from rain, to sleet, to snow, to ice. Most exciting! Anyway, it was much fun to poke around town with Darl. We:

  • spent a long time at Jewel, getting good groceries for the next week, including tons of fresh produce, and lovely bottle of Monterey Reisling [which is now gone];
  • returned CDs to library;
  • finally stopped at fireplace store to talk about a problem with ours (D thinks he’s figured it out now), and got the tongs we need to keep cute husband from burning off hands;
  • went to our favorite gourmet tea shop and nabbed some Manchego cheese (drooool), Rooibos Oasis™ tea, and decaf cinnamon hazelnut coffee for my migraine head.

  • We finally settled in Saturday evening for porn and stir-fry. ‘Twas a very, very good night.

    Sunday morning, I got up at 5:00am, fed the cats, checked my email, got my feelings really hurt, and climbed back into bed and the arms of my loving Darl. I gradually fell back asleep, after some kind talk with my wise love, and never noticed him slip out of bed. About an hour later, he woke me gently. Opening my eyes, I was treated to the sight of Darl holding a tray filled with breakfast he’d prepared: a veggie-egg scramble, toast, juice, and decaf. We ate, and giggled, and thanked each other for the joy in our lives. I cleaned up the dishes, and we went back to sleep until noon.

    Breakfast in bed, and my wonderful husband. How can the slings and arrows of the world stand up to that?

    Yes, ‘Twas a good weekend.