It’s Somehow Appropriate

…that we watched our President issue his grandstanding, pointless ultimatum while getting drunk on green drinks (Guiness & Midori sours) in an Irish Pub. I only wish I’d had this:

a drinking game for the evening:
Take 1 Drink for each time he exploits 9/11
Take 1 Drink for each time he downplays the significance of world opinion
Take 1 Drink for each time he claims that this massacre will increase the amount of freedom currently being experienced in Iraq.

I know that if you do participate, you probably won’t even remember your fucking name, let alone the justification for the bloodbath that is about to begin.
It seems about as useful as anything else we can do at this point.

Actually, I didn’t get nearly as drunk as one should on St. Patrick’s day, while at an authentic Irish Pub. But, I did have some damn good Irish stew. Afterwards, we walked to a nearby Japanese restaurant to have green tea ice cream (also green, natch) and ice cream tempura. Was a delightful night, especially considering D had to drag me away from my cube, and physically block me from boarding my train. Ok, it wasn’t that dramatic, but I just didn’t want to go anywhere last night, and D rightly forced me to. More or less. Sort of.

Anyway, the combination of the green drinks and a stuffy house have me I’m thrilled that it’s 4:59pm. I can’t tell you how much. Work is just…it’s good, but I cannot seem to concentrate. The sleepiness is wearing me down.

  • Currently wearing: green sweater with cool whip-stiching and great neckline, white tee under that, loose Gap jeans, brown mary janes, good jewelry, wedding ring.
  • Currently listening to: So – Peter Gabriel
  • Currently reading: Riding The Bus With My SisterRachel Simon
  • Currently drinking: Water, from a Vittel® bottle I brought home from France.
  • Currently anticipating: Lying down flat.
  • Currently Sick Over: What else, war.
  • Currently digging on: My mom. She’s super cool.

    Thought: Peter Gabriel’s Big Time really jams, you know? Should maybe put that on my Meg Rocks Out CD. I tend to overlook some of his popular singles, but BT just really gets me moving.

    Rigor Update: That cat is walking unassisted to the litterbox and is getting up from his bed to find other spots to rest, like when you have the flu, and you’re sick of your bed and head out to the couch. He is battling back, and I’m just a touch giddy with relief. Just a touch. I don’t want to be too optimistic, but there’s definitely hope. Still, a cat cannot be cured of chronic renal failure, but there are many avenues of long term treatment. We’re committed to him, and he seems committed to getting better.

    A great resource for anyone interested in Rigor’s disease, or anyone struggling with a CRF diagnosis in their own pet family is the Feline CRF Information Center. The incredibly dense, yet accessible information coupled with a true understanding of the heartbreak and hope involved in taking care of a CRF cat have provided so much solace and have eased much panic for us. A caution though: the Tributes section is a tough read.

    I think I’ll drag myself to the train now. Or maybe just sleep on my desk…