I’m Wearing Black Today

I’m worn out.

I’m so weary of being yelled at, screamed at for simply having a belief and stating that belief.

I don’t know how to deal most effectively with Saddam Hussein. I don’t know how to solve international terrorist threats.

I only know that I can barely lift myself from my bed when I consider how many more victims of murder there will be to mourn. That killing Iraqis to get at a leader we haven’t even tried to fully negotiate with will only further a cycle of violence that this administration swore it would help to end after September Eleventh. That the President’s own father thinks that the President is not acting wisely.
But feeling what I feel, and knowing what I know seems to open up a stream of fear and hate in so many people. Kids are harassing my Bangladeshi boss’ daughter at school why don’t you Muslims GO HOME?!; almost every other entry in this crazy place is packed with expletives and vitriol for those anti-war pussies.

Hate begets hate.

This name calling, and this war will solve nothing.

All I can say is:
This is who we are removing from Iraq.