I Know Kung Fu

Much talk of living lately.

I don’t think I do enough of it.

So I’ve been trying.

Saw The Matrix Reloaded over the weekend, and all I can say is: not going to see it again. As I left the theater, I was anxious to tell anyone and everyone about the 2+ hours of my life I’d never get back, how offensive I found the tone and some scenes in particular, how disappointed I was.

And I still am, but I have to ask myself – isn’t it better to have an experience, even a bad one, than to never try, and spend your life wondering?

I think I’m finally learning the difference between avoiding unpleasantness (a fairly common desire of survivors) and really living So, seeing the movie wasn’t so pleasant, but really, it’s better that I had the experience. The devil you know…an unexamined life… I just can’t hide under the covers, avoiding the scary stuff and missing the growth in it. So, thanks Wachowski brothers. You sucked ass in this one, and apparently you don’t like women so much, which is too bad, but you got me thinking; you got me out of my shell.

It’s all good. And so am I. Two years ago, maybe one year ago, the movie would have destroyed me for a while. Now, I know that while my emotions are so completely valid and normal, they don’t have to rule me, neither do they need to be tamped down. Same goes for everyone else.

Leaving in the morning for Oklahoma City. And I can’t think of two people who have earned a vacation more than D & me. Except maybe Wil Wheaton and Chairman Kaga.

Since I’m spiritually on the plane already, here’s a peek into what I’m wishing for my next few days:

I hope it’s really warm there. I hope I get sunburn. I hope Bricktown 54 is still open. I hope I can truly forget my job for a few days. I hope Kokoro isn’t too traumatized boarding at the vet’s. I hope the limeade tastes as good as I remember. I hope I can enjoy baring my arms. I hope I can let myself pack lightly. I hope the rental car has a good radio. I hope we find charm and love in the places where we left, and can create it in all the new ones.

Monday, we celebrate one year of marriage. One year of commitment One year of naughtiness and ice cream and fights and hugs and searing communication. One year of magic. I couldn’t be more in love.

4 thoughts on “I Know Kung Fu

  1. I’d prefer to remain silent here. But this entry from someone so close to me puts me in the position of being compelled to comment. Because my remaining silent implies assent, and I disagree:
    (1) the Brothers W. didn’t suck ass.
    Agreed — they DID NOT do as good a job as they did with The Matrix.
    However — despite my own objections to the film, a single viewing of Reloaded also leaves me with feelings of thoughtfulness, curiousity, and wonder.
    (2) Matrix Reloaded is not clearly a product of men who dislike women.
    Agreed — there were characters who were stereotypes of all the worst in both genders.
    However — the female protagonists in Reloaded all displayed strength, compassion, or both.

    I’m perplexed by the concept of holding people to a strictly increasing standard of excellence — that people who become President must do NO wrong; film-makers who win our hearts with one film MUST make a better film next time. It’s a movie, made by people, with human failings.

    There were aspects of Reloaded I didn’t like. There were aspects I DID like. My interest in seeing the film again is not so much due to the good outweighing the bad as the fact that, ultimately, the story left me with enough questions and curiousity about it that I am unable to simply vote “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” and forget about it.

    I’m trying to keep an open mind about it, because I think there’s more than meets the eye.
    Maybe not, and I’ll be wasting $16 / 6 hours instead of only $8 / 3 hours.

    But I agree with M, it’s better to have an experience than never try. And in my case I guess I’m willing to try a few times.


  2. I’ve heard lots of different, mixed feelings/reactions to Matrix Reloaded. M and I haven’t seen it – yet. But I see it in our future.

    OK City – may it be as magical and memorable as your past trips.

    Love, SJ


  3. During the kung fu scenes I would fantasize that I was watching a Batman movie and that this (Neo) was Robin fighting off some thugs. He had a cape but it was incorporated in a long frock coat that could turn into a cape/parachute if need be; also solving the problem of getting your cape stuck in a revolving door while chasing bad guys out of a bank… Well, I was bored with the actual movie. Boring, pornographic, Mtv, comic book movie for boys who like Ozzy Ozbourne.

    There are, however, so many things that can be done with the Matrix scenario. It does not belong to W. Brothers. It was stolen from “Doctor Who”. Before the first movie if you said the word matrix at a sci fi convention then you were talking about drwho. I’m certain the original folks (ho ho) in Hollywooden are mining British 70’s sci fi for ideas/plots (or they grew up watching it and don’t have any ideas of their own.. and can’t even do anything interesting with the good ideas they are ripping off). My point is that if you have any neat ideas that can be done using a matrix world there’s no reason you can’t knock yourself out! The matrix is like hyperspace or warp drive; it’s not intellectual private property. Before the first movie, I was toying with the idea of a story about a prison where the prisoners are hooked up to a matrix where they can roam about and do whatever they want in a vitual world. At first, they were put in suspended animation so that we wouldn’t have to pay so much to feed and clothe them, but that was considered cruel and unusual, so someone got the bright idea of trying out the new technology, plugging into the matrix. As far as the prisoners knew, they were out and about in freedom. Well, because of a combination of laziness and feeling like I didn’t know how to construct a beginning, middle and end, I forgot about it. A few years later “The Matrix” came out and I could actually hear God (I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy) chuckling.

    “X2” was much better. Nice tag line. The scene at the normal families house was precious. The younger brother calling the cops — a great send up (is that right) of how snivelling human beings can be! Movie was a bit long, though, and like the first one, the director seemed to not know how he wanted to end it. Wolverines use of “Bub” was very nicely timed and, thank the Gods, only used once.

    Personally, I wanted to see “Identity” because David Letterman said it started out creepy and then just kept getting creepier and creepier. I’ll have to see it on video since I think it’s been out long enough for movies 14 to stick it in the shoe box theatre which is intolerable. Saw Star Trek Nemesis in the shoebox theatre and that was intolerable too. 😉 Like “Alien 3” (and “Aliens”, come to that), let’s pretend no sequals were made after, “First Contact”!

    “You’ll never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator”. –Lisa Simpson


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