The sky is thick with clouds today, yet the sun is struggling to break through. In fact it is strong enough to turn the prism on my solar sun catcher. The cloud-filtered sunlight plays lovely tricks with the Lake as well, turning the normally bright blue waves into a shimmering silver horizon.

It’s really beautiful.

It’s another Early Friday for me today. Having worked three extra hours during the week, I’ve earned a one pm quitting time. But, instead of training home to stroll in the local libraries, or taking myself to lunch, or even lying semi-comatose on the couch watching MST3K videos, as I would on a typical Early Friday, I’ll be meeting D in front of my building and hitting the Skyway, on the road to Home.

We’re going to be doing something very difficult this weekend. Something we’d never imagined or planned for. I’m a little scared and a lot hopeful. I think I’m ready to do my part, and to support D.

Wish us luck. Send us a little bit of love. Help us find serenity.

4 thoughts on “Overcast

  1. Good luck, a lot of love and serenity, my friends. And have a safe, safe, trip back to Hometown.



  2. You two can get through this. I know how tough it must be for you. Over the years, though, I believe you’ve mastered your skill of speaking your mind – Derek too! Sending good vibes your way, and hopes for peaceful resolution.


  3. Meg

    I am sending you and D love, serenity, hope and strength. I know you two can get through this!


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