An Eye For An Eye?

[In which I channel Molly Ivins]

“Mission Accomplished!” he said, in his crotch-enhancing flight suit. And yet the killing keeps on.

And now, the papers celebrate the violent deaths of two sons of Saddam Hussein.

Interestingly, I haven�t seen huge headlines with accompanying graphic photos covering each of the ninety-nine soldiers killed in Iraq since the war was proclaimed “over” by the President and his crotch two months ago. Or for any of the 234 killed since it started, for that matter.

But we love to kill those who disagree with us, those we fear, so Uday and Qusay Hussein’s grisly corpses are splashed across every news outlet in the country, while Vice President Cheney explains that the deaths show that killers loyal to the previous regime are being “systematically dealt with.”

I just love the sanitized, politically correct language of this administration. The Hussein brothers, like the 234 US soldiers, have been killed by the United States. Murdered. Just like five thousand people were murdered on September 11th.

Oh, the Husseins were evil, I hear. They were part of the old regime, bent on oppressing and torturing the Iraqi people. And the soldiers, well they knew what they were signing up for, right?

Maybe. Maybe all of that is true. But I just still don’t get how the deaths of two Husseins (and incidentally, NOT the one Hussein that neither Bush can seem to find), 234 US soldiers, and at least six THOUSAND Iraqi civilians are supposed to somehow bring retribution for the attacks of September 11, 2001. Oh wait, the war was about ‘toppling a regime’ that oppressed and tortured its people. Riiight. So, we accomplish this by killing six thousand of those people we were on a mission to save? I guess the President’s fraternity activities didn’t leave him time to take a logic course at Yale. Let alone a humanities class.

So, his lackeys and advisers stand at podiums, waving the Hussein brothers’ heads on sticks and applaud these killings as a sign that our mission is being carried out. And I have to ask, why aren’t the broken and bloody faces of a few of the murdered Iraqi civilians being broadcast on CNN? Maybe because while we embrace vengeance as foreign policy, we know we now have as much blood on our hands as Lady MacBeth.

Out, damned Shrub.

2 thoughts on “An Eye For An Eye?

  1. You tell ’em, Moll – I mean Meg! I was interested to read (in a letter to Newsweek, I think) that the Hispanic news coverage of the war is much more realistic, with coverage of dead civilians and ruin as well as that of our “victory.” GW makes me sick.
    You make me proud.


  2. Hey – I have to run because I am way past my bedtime this AM, but I plan to come read you soon and get caught up. I am just here to give you this link because it is a dog I want, and it reminded me of your “coveted pups.” THIS IS MY COVETED PUP!!! 😉

    I miss you, Meg. *hug*


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