Where Does It Go?

So, it’s suddenly September, and I’m not sure how these things happen. I think the month managed to sneak up on me because I missed the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

I always used to mark the passage of summer into autumn with Jerry’s deeply depressing, yet somehow uplifting twenty-two hour vigil. When I was quite young, my dad’s union would even volunteer at the phone banks for the local television station. I used to think my dad was going to Vegas with Jerry, a notion further confused by the rest of the family urging me to “watch closely – Dad might be on tv!”

In later years, we would watch as much of the telethon as possible, waking up at 2am to reassure ourselves that yes, it was indeed still going. We’d also head out to the fun fairs always staged by the local station, and load up on Jelly Belly&#174 jelly beans, sold in the name of a good cause.

I’ve even marched in several Labor Day parades, both throwing candy to other little tykes, and playing in my high school band.

So this year, living in Chicago, and a touch disconnected from many I love, I did not have that family-steeped passage of summer into autumn.

That makes me a little sad.

Time to forge some new traditions, I say.

4 thoughts on “Where Does It Go?

  1. Ah yes, the band marching on Labor Day – I remember it well. I think I even remember a year where your school marched with mine – or was that Memorial Day? I just remember our red shirts and your blue shirts.

    I don’t know where August went – and look it’s already 10 days into September…

    RYN: You mentioned Saturday…did you try to call?

    Hugs and much love…


  2. My, how we all have our own traditions. Fall is always marked for me by the start of another Ren Faire season – and that’s how I’ve spent Labor Day weekend since I was 15 – wearing funny clothes, faking someone else’s accent, selling something or performing.
    I hope Chicago and D inspire some great new traditions for you.
    Real mail soon, I promise.


  3. I saw some of the telethon last weekend. It was scary. There were some really offbeat comedians and poor Jerry’s face looked strangely mis-shaped. I think he’s at the end of his rope, god bless ‘im. My boss does a funny impression of Jerry all the time and I have to laugh: “Hey Laaaady!”


  4. Yes my dear… time flies for real. Whether you are having fun or not. Good thing we are having fun, eh?
    *hugs* and thank for your e-mail. I miss chatting with you, darlin’.



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