Meg’s Month of Madness!

Oh October. How I love you. It’s all orange and black and sweaters and crisp apples and crunchy leaves and haunted houses and candy and just about everything I adore.

October, I say to you: Bring it On! Scare me and chill me and fill me with your apple cider! I am ready.

Currently wearing: long black cardigan sweater, black v-neck tee, long maroon skirt, black tights, black mary janes, a mirthful grin.
Currently reading: Lies (And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look At The Right by Al Franken
Last Song I heard Today: Whip It – Devo.
Days Until My First Pottery Class : 32.
Number of Films in my Netflix Queue: 27.
Number of Horror Films in my Netflix Queue: 11.

Today I am wearing my first successful sewing project: a black Faded Glory v-neck tee with a hem I repaired myself! I swell with pride as I walk the halls at work, my non-raveling hem hugging my hip for all to see. I can sew! Or, at least, I can stitch. Sewing is a skill I’ve never really possessed; in fact, I have actively run from needle and thread for a large portion of my life.

But, I’ve been learning a little lately, and I have a crappy $10 machine, and who knows? Maybe someday I’ll make my own wedding dress! Oh, wait.

But, the real story of the day started Saturday night with the best show on tv, Svengoolie. This week’s film, Witchouse 2: Blood Coven, was so incredibly bad as to be sublime. It was one of those films that inspires you to crack wise with some of your best MST3K-style riffing. And I did. Must……off! And to top it all off, there were great Sven segments scattered throughout. It was such fun – I enjoyed the experience so much, that I wanted to repeat it. Over and over. I could feel an urge rising up in me – an urge to begin what would probably be my most ambitious undertaking this year. One horror movie a day for the entire month of October.

Okay, yes, I should have started last Wednesday… but to make up for missing three days and three films, I sat down last night to what amounted to at least 2.5 films worth of thrills and [gut] spills, the slasher anti-hero catalog/documentary Boogeymen.

Boogeymen presents the viewer with one or two choice scenes from a number of films featuring some of the moset revered and over-franchised movie madmen in horror history. It starts with Freddy Krueger, and touches on – just to name a few – Pinhead, the Tall Man, a ridiculous Leprechaun, a somewhat obscure serial killer (in The Ugly, which I must see), the most famous (and dead handsome) serial killer of them all, and winds up with that classically terrifying (at least in his first several outings) monster, Michael Myers. A terribly fun video, although it can give one the willies to see so many baddies pursuing and attacking without any of the necessary resolution often given in the end. So, if should you find yourself at the end of the film, listening to the tape rewind while shakily gripping the remote for dear life, scared to go downstairs… stay upstairs and have sex -with or without a partner(s). Works every time.

Now then, after seeing a dozen or so horror icons hack and tear their way across my screen, I am primed and ready for a month of terror! It’s going to be tough as I have tons of things to do weeknights – meetings and voice lessons and stuff that generally keeps me away from home for a portion of almost every night – and we’re going away this Friday through Sunday, and who knows where or if I could catch a horror flick in the rural backwoods that is Indianapolis, but I will marshall on. I will succeed! If Kevin “Servo” Murphy could do it for a year, I can certainly manage a month. Right?

Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Meg’s Month of Madness!

  1. Wooyeah! Go Seamstress! Go!

    I wish I had more time to sew – the things I would and could make. I take my stuff to a woman named Carolee now – $10 a hem 😦

    Can’t wait to see you, spend time with you, share a cup of Cider : )


  2. The boy is going to take som esewing lessons from Leah, as they work together to make a T’Paal costume for me to wear on Halloween. He planned this himself – has chosen the particular get-p he “envisions” me is (ok, he speled in “invasion” but that just makes me love him more.
    Enjoy your month of thrills and chills.


  3. Er, he wants to “invasion” you?

    I thought this was a FAMILY board! “I expect that kind of talk at Denny’s, but not here.”

    (hee hee)


  4. Oh my gosh, that doll. THAT DOLL!!! I was telling people about that doll on Tuesday. Now I have to show them. Thanks for putting it up, we have some psychic link.

    Happy October, I’m excited too – pumpkins, witches, and spiders (well not so much the spiders)!!!



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