Week End Round Up

So, how did the first week of horror go?

Monday’s Horror: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die – MST3K version, and The Migraine That Wouldn’t Die – caffeine version. I love this film. I might even watch it without Mike & the ‘Bots. It’s screamingly bad, with a monster whose mask clearly ties in the back, the wrong title at the end, and delicious overacting by The Head (or Brain, or whatever). And the sleazy, sleazy doctor. Cup your hand around your mouth and say it with me, “We’ve got to hurry!”

Tuesday’s Horror: The Flesh Eaters 1964 – Woo, bad. Way bad. So bad I bet MST3K wouldn’t touch it. But still, it had a certain je ne sai quois. And a guy with a hole where his stomach used to be.

Wednesday’s Horror: Nosferatu 1929, silent – The classic, with hammy theater organ music and eerie title cards. I first saw this around 1986, on the defunct USA Network overnight music program, Night Flight. It was Halloween; I came home from trick-or-treating (I believe I was a cat in a frilly white dress?), plopped on the couch with my candy and quickly lost myself in Night Flight‘s special Halloween edition. It featured clips from all sorts of scary stuff, including Nosferatu and my first glimpse of Rocky Horror. I stayed on that couch all night, too terrified to go upstairs to bed. Oh, those were the days.

Thursday’s Horror: Working from 9am-9pm, and Mannequin 1987 – Ok, not technically a horror film, but she almost falls in a chipper/shredder thing at the end! I tried. I was stuck at work ALL NIGHT. Cut me some slack.

Friday’s Horror: Woodfield Mall. I pounded the halls at that horrible place for FOUR HOURS looking for an attractive, semi-formal dress in my size. It’s those last five words that were the killer. The good news is that 1) I did find something, eventually, though it’s not exactly what I had in mind and 2) I found the most perfect sweater, ever. So, I vanquished the Horror of the Mall. As far as a movie goes, I’m going to pop Die Monster Die 1965 – Boris Karloff!! – in the vcr while I pack for our trip this evening. If it’s got Boris, it has to be good. Boris!

Tomorrow’s going to be tough – I have an evening wedding, and brunch with some friends. Maybe I’ll find something scary on the hotel HBO in the wee small hours. Yeah, something like Red Shoe Diaries 9.

3 thoughts on “Week End Round Up

  1. I, too, have an evening wedding tomorrow. For my stepbrother whom I secretly believe to be gay. What fun that’ll be.
    I was thinking about you while I was in Suncoast Video the other day – all those horror flicks and how’s Meg doing?
    Glad you’re having fun. See ya around, lovey.


  2. I’d never have thought of including Mannequin. 🙂
    Nosferatu is great. I also like the remake – it carries the sense of vampirism as something unwholesome, creeping in under the floorboards of decent antiseptic Victorian virtue, nauseously, like venereal disease… Worth looking.
    And The Flesh Eaters… Have you ever seen Blood Feast? *grins*


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