Hang on Sloopy

“Rollah Coastah!”
Love Rollercoaster, The Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is what I’m on at the moment. It’s called the Hormone Invasion; you must be 48-inches tall, and not have a heart condition to ride. But, I can’t use the lap belt because I have cramps. See how that works?

Currently wearing: a basic variation on my usual theme – something black and something maroon – but today with the black boots required in the autumnal DownTown Uniform.
Currently reading: All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki
Currently in CD drive: Time Life Music’s Classic ’60s: Blowin’ Your Mind
Today’s Biggest Mistake (as of 11am): 1. The chocolate-chip muffin. 2. Nuking it.

Horrors of the past two weeks:

Sat 10/11 – Nothing. Not even my drippy dress detracted from the beautiful wedding of D’s college friend Chrissa & her beloved. Was a true joy.

Sun 10/12– Now then, the wedding lunch had tremendous horror potential, when I learned I’d be meeting someone very unexpected. But I liked her. Sort of. And my braids brought me through. (note to self: when feeling insecure, style hair as if you were nine. works every time) Exes aren’t scary, they’re just our history.

Tues 10/14King Kong (1933). That stop-motion beast was almost as scary as the general attitude toward women displayed in this film. I did truly enjoy it, though. Also horrific on Tues: Madonna in Evita (1996).

Weds 10/15I Accuse My Parents (1945/1988 MST3K version) I’m beginning to wonder if MST3K’ed films count in this project? Oh, sure they do. Who makes the rules here anyway? So, this is not strictly a horror film, with monsters or murders – but wait, there is a murder, and Jimmy’s hair is pretty monstrous. Yep, it counts.

Thurs 10/16 and Fri 10/17Ghost (1990) – as you already know, I can never watch this film just once. Need I outline the horrors for you? I thought not.

Also Fri 10/17 – That last shot of tequila. It was so harsh. But I looked hot throwing it back, I must say.

Sat 10/18 – not much.

Sun 10/19Finally finished Harry Potter V. That book was one huge exercise in pain. But I felt duty-bound to get through it (to share the collective experience, maybe?), and happily returned it to Goodall on Monday, secure in the knowledge that I did not buy it. I love her theory that Rowling created [deceased character] back in book [um, a few books ago…], and once she found a real husband, she killed him off in this book, as she didn’t need him any longer. Hmm.

Mon 10/20The Manster (1959) – My god in heaven. This was an amazing film. Amazing. Not one single actor acted during its brief 72 minutes. And I loved that the two Japanese scientists were named “Tara” and “Robert.” On top of that, it was chock-full o’Theramin. Oh god, it was tasty. If you can get a copy of this, you must see it.

So, um, yes. Here it is, the 22nd, and I have not seen a film every day. I have, however, tried to find the horror in every situation of every day. And I <have succeeded in that -with little difficulty, I might add.

Is that about me, or my environment? You be the judge.