Blue Moon

You saw me standing alone…

Geezum crow, do I have a headache. It’s a weeper, meaning it makes me want to weep. I also feel sort of lost tonight, and sad. It’s the damn weather.

Currently wearing: long sleeved white v-neck tee, light green softpants&#8482 sprinkled with pictures of la Tour Eiffel, matching slippers.
Currently reading: Girl in Landscape by Jonathan Lethem
Currently in CD drive: Broadway cast recording of Into The Woods
Currently Moping Over: Elvis Costello(local version).
Current Horror: The Annual Fund Appeal. Tell me again why I’m in fundraising? Oh, right.

I’ve seen several good horror movies lately, but I’m too tired to tell you about them. Suffice it to say I’ve learned that I like less nipples in my horror films, and more Hermann. Which isn’t to say that I don’t like nipples – I do. But in conjunction with horror? Not so much.

Horrors on tap for the week are more promising:

Wednesday – drinking to excess with Searcy? I’m still working out the details. If nothing else, I’ll watch Office Space tomorrow while working on my mailing, which while not a horror film, helps remind me of the terrors of my day to day life. sounds like someone’s got a case of the Mondays!

ThursdayHallowed Haunts – the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s yearly Halloween concert featuring the entire CSO in costume, spooky music, and host Svengoolie! Plus, dinner with Kate & Chuck. Bliss.

Friday – The Big Day. A Haunted House. A Movie Marathon. I fully intend to completely over-indulge in all things Halloween. Oh yes.

And now, if you don’t mind, I have a couple of whiny cats and several hundred address labels calling my name. Time to self-medicate.

2 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. Hm, somehow I didn’t get a notice about this new entry. But here I am, all the same. I hope your Halloween was spooky-licious. I also hope that headache didn’t linger too long – I hate to think of you weeping in pain!
    I think I owe you a real letter. There will be one soon.
    Love you.


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