An odd thing happened this morning…

The first thing I remember is waking, gratefully. Moments before I was caught in a nightmare: Chicago was engulfed in thick black smoke and flames. People on the train were murmuring, “They’ve done it again.” And I was stuck between home and downtown, not knowing whether to turn back or go to work. D was with me, but disappeared to make a phone call, upsetting me. I remember a tall building burning in this dream, streaming with black smoke from blackened windows. I remember fear. Then, awake I rubbed my eyes, felt for my sweet man to reassure me of reality, and went back to sleep.

Later, back in reality and walking to work in the rain, I suddenly found myself at the site of the October 17 county building fire – the blaze which I witnessed on a walk to a bar that night. Two things struck me: the crosses and flowers laid in memoriam at the blocked off door, and the blackened, charred section of windows about two-thirds up. And I realized that I never walk up Washington to work. I usually walk a block south, on Madison. But today I felt capricious and desired a change in my routine.

Chilled, I walked on and wiped raindrops from my face.

Does it mean something? Not really. Only that the human subconscious – my human subconscious – is a strange thing indeed.

One thought on “Windows

  1. What a horrible dream – made me shudder just to read about it.
    I haven’t been notifications about your last couple entries here – I verified that I’m on the Notify List, so I don’t know why that would be happening. Any thoughts? (I know you have SO much free time to bother with this!
    Happy November – hope your harvest is bountiful!


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