The Horror of It All!

Currently wearing: black silky v-neck sweater, short denim skirt, off-black hose, black boots, hang-over squint.
Currently reading: Just finished Tipping The Velvet by Sarah Waters and Candy & Me by Hilary Liftin.
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Days Until My First Pottery Class : 2
Days Until Strawberry Jelly gets here : 1

It’s over. My favorite month is finished. Let’s tally, shall we?

Number of days in October: 31

Number of horror films viewed: 22

Ratio of films to days: approx. 2:3

Number of films in the Halloween series I viewed: 4

Number of Boris Karloff films I viewed: (a surprisingly low) 2

Number of films I cleverly checked out of my library for free: 6

Number of dollars accrued in late fines for these films anyway: 30

Number of Svengoolie moments during the month: 6

Number of friends at my house on Halloween night: 5, or 7 if you count Lisa’s beardies.

Amount of rum-laced cider ingested at party: one gallon

Number of films watched: three-ish

Undisputed Goth&#174 champ, and all-around Mistress of Things Creepy: Me!

Percent of pleasure gleaned from entire experience: 100

2 thoughts on “The Horror of It All!

  1. Ah, well, I knew I missed the actual month. If you do see any of the ones I sent you anyway, email me about ’em. 🙂 Trivial. I KNOW it’s trivial. Anyway.

    Oh, and see Targets for a lovely treatment of Boris Karloff – basically playing himself.


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