8 thoughts on “goodbye

  1. This spring I had to have my friend Dmitri, who just happened to be a cat, put to sleep. I know how awful you feel.

    I just try to remind myself that Dmitri had a good life. During the time he lived with me he never went hungry or thirsty. He wasn’t lonesome. He never had to sleep out in the cold rain. I try to remind myself to be grateful… grateful that I had a chance to give him that.

    Losing a loved one is always hard. I hope you can find some comfort in the fact that your friends care.



  2. Oh, honey. That’s so sad. I remember when he was sick earlier this year (?), how worried you were. Here’s a great big hug from a thousand miles away.


  3. i’m sorry to hear of your loss.

    Rigor will be in my thoughts & prayers….

    “Death only ends a life, it does not end a relationship.”
    -Morrie Schwartz, “tuesdays with Morrie”


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