Yes, snow.


Currently wearing: short denim skirt, black v-neck tee, silver scarf, jangly earrings, black boots, pout.
Currently reading: Nothing! Oh lord, get me to the library fast.
Currently listening to: Alison Moyet – Essex.
Currently giggly over: December date night with D & Metro taking out Goodall and Me, prom-style. Love the lovely friends. Also, D’s Birthday Blow Out at Hala Kahiki. Can’t wait to celebrate my darlingest love!

i wanna fly in on your wings…way way up here i don’t care for anything… “Falling,” Alison Moyet

Despite coming in to work on this bitterly cold SNOWY day to find that my Crush is off for the entire week (and I’m looking SO yummy, with new lipstick and everything), it’s turning out to be a respectably good day. After all, I have my sweet Goodall, and the promise of pumpkin soup in a bread bowl for lunch. And just the best CD ever in the drive. If I thought I had half of Alison Moyet’s soul in my voice…


Okay, so Au Bon Pain was out of the pumpkin soup. A minor setback, but I rolled with it and settled on the corn chowder in a bread bowl, with some zucchini-carrot salad on the side and oh yes, yes, it was like heaven. To top it off, I spent well over my allotted 45 mins in the lunchroom laughing my guts out with Goodall, LJ, and friends, and burned a good chunk of my day away. Now I’m back at my desk listening to Chicago IX, another amazing CD, nibbling on a big chocolate cookie, and periodically choking over almost everything at RetroCrush.com.

(Side note: I cannot stay away from RetroCrush. It all started for me at Halloween with their Scariest Movie Scenes Of All Time feature, and has spiraled into a full-fledge obsession with Robert’s diatribes on the obscure, obscene, and downright bizarre. It all makes me laugh.)

This is just one of those days that begs you not to work. And I do what the voices tell me.

2 thoughts on “Flurries

  1. That picture of you on the front page with your friend is too cute.

    I tried to slack on Wednesday, but was cold-busted by the Boss. Hmph!


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