My Night

It’s been a long while since I’ve had such a still night.

D is away. visiting a college chum a couple of states away. I’ve kept very busy today and kept things very noisy around me. It’s been a whir of pottery wheels, Bass/Rankin Christmas specials, and household chores. After a too-long trip to Walgreens for prescriptions and miscellany, I found myself in need of quiet and peace.

I filled the tub, dropping in a couple of Calm Water bath beads and a whole mess of bubble bath. I lit several candles and turned off all the lights except one dim recessed overhead. I turned off the tele. I started a cd of holiday music, but left it on low.

Sinking down into the sweet, earthy bubbles, I began to let my mind float. I don’t know how long I just soaked it all in – the scents, the sounds of Christmas, the peace, the calm. It was lovely. And when I started to feel so very blissed and a bit pruney, I picked up my book to finally finish the last three chapters. And cried.

It was fall, and his children fought on the sidewalk in front of Mrs. Dubose’s. The boy helped his sister to her feet, and they made their way home. Fall, and his children trotted to and fro around the corner, the day’s woes and triumphs on their faces. They stopped at an oak tree, delighted, puzzled, apprehensive.

Winter and his children shivered at the front gate, silhouetted against a blazing house. Winter, and a man walked into the street, dropped his glasses, and shot a dog.

Summer, and he watched his children’s heart break. Autumn again, and Boo’s children needed him.

‘…Atticus, he was real nice.’
‘Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.’

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I do believe that sometimes we are lucky enough to get little slices of Heaven while were are still on Earth.

2 thoughts on “My Night

  1. If that woman’s book isn’t a slice of heaven, I don’t know what is.
    And a quiet house, a bubble bath and peace in your heart?
    Heaven as well.


  2. Holy Caperberry Gravy! That’s probably one of my all time favorite books. M and I caught it on the telly a few weeks back. Seeing the movie in black and white inspired me to reread the book. I had bought it back a couple of years ago and hadn’t taken the time to give it due time.

    As school ends this week, I was just thinking about how I would have the time for such pleasure. The timing we have…it must be a hormonal connection 🙂


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