Sit With Me Here

Currently wearing: black snap-front sweater, tight white shirt, short denim skirt, black boots, a new piercing.
Currently reading: Nickle and Dimed – Barbara Ehrenreich
Currently hearing: Music from our wedding, specifically “True Love” sung by Elton John & Kiki Dee.
Number of times I wept this weekend: 3
Times my weeping was media-provoked: 3

It was a soggy weekend. I sogged finishing Mockingbird; I sogged watching a slightly obscure Muppet Christmas special (The Christmas Toy); I sogged while and after and maybe even before watching part I of Angels in America. And I knew that would happen. I tried to avoid Angels, actually, for that reason. But before I could help it, I was transfixed, watching Prior and Louis and Joe and Harper break my heart. Thank goodness for the furry purr-machine on my couch, or I would have perhaps lapsed into an I’m-too-moved-to-move coma, and remained there until morning. Kokoro demands attention, though, and he kept me grounded in reality during the movie. And just after the credits rolled, when I had begun thinking about maybe considering pulling myself together, my handsome best friend came in the door, flushed from a successful flight home and ready for hugs. Good timing, baby. And he brought me presents! What a sweet one.

So, the sogging stopped and we caught up on one another’s news. D had a truly wonderful visit with his dear college friend – our wedding photographer Bird. I had a …different sort of weekend. Sunday was soggy, but Saturday was insightful? I don’t know what else to call it, really.

2 thoughts on “Sit With Me Here

  1. Get out of town! You did it without me? I’m talking about the piercing of course. JK. Can’t wait to see it. I assume we are still on for some “around Christmastime” gathering? Take care, cutie!


  2. Nostalgia is when we remember the past and wish we were there again. What you experienced sounds more like remembering the past fondly but realizing how far you’d come, and enjoying that realization.
    Whatever. A good cry is sometimes just that. Good. But D? He’s Great. So are you.


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