What The Gladsome Tidings Be

My head hurts. I have that squinty-lights are too bright-what did I do to desere this tension?-sort of a thing going on. I must discover what it is I’m so tense over.

Reality tv? Probably.
“Moderate” control top pantyhose? Likely.
Bush – Cheney ’04? Definitely.

But the spirit of Thanksgiving and Yultide Joy, I’ll take a moment to reflect on some things that currently make me very happy.

  • Celestial Seasonings in general; their Perfectly Pear White Tea and Almond Tea in specific.
  • Goodall, cause she is.
  • Waking up from nightmares.
  • Muenster cheese.
  • The Beastie Boys.
  • Good pens.
  • Notes from Mavis.
  • The works of Christopher Guest.
  • Tuesday, on my way home from work, a man looked me up and down and exclaimed “Wow.

    There, my head feels better. It’s all about attitude, isn’t it? As one of my favorite collegues said this morning, sometimes it’s hard to have the “discipline of happiness.”

    Oh, forgot to mention – these Tollhouse cookie bars I made help, too.

    What are you happy about today?

  • 8 thoughts on “What The Gladsome Tidings Be

    1. A wool tartan blanket that my best friend brought me from Scotland.

      My amazing son who – of his own accord – scrapes the frost off my windshield every morning before he leaves for school.

      My current read: The Russian Debutante’s Handbook. Hilarious.

      The Christmas lights at Roper Mountain Science Center.

      The bumper sticker my boss put on my filing cabinet. It reads, “Jesus loves you… but I’m his favorite.” What a nut.

      Hot comfy socks fresh from the dryer.

      Greg Brown’s CD Covenant.

      Soup Day! Tomorrow is soup day at my office. Two of us are bringing crockpots filled with vegetable soup & chicken soup with wild rice. We’re baking cornbread in our oven at the office & all eating lunch together. Heaven.

      Internet friends who help make my life just a little bit fuller & brighter than it otherwise would have been.


    2. Thanks for this. It’s so easy to remember about things to grumble over; such a challenge to keep up that discipline. I was deep into grumbling about lonliness… a less-than-could-be-desired lunch with my Crush combined with slogging work, and nonworking internet messaging have taken their toll. But now:

      — the “long, delirious, burning blue” of a cloudless winter sky
      — the Miranda IM client and the jabber.cn server for an alternate path thru the internet
      — dressing this morning listening to a soaringly sweet rendition of “What The World Needs Now,” as performed by M
      — Lanty’s and Kokoro’s patient, consistent affection
      — the bar conversation last night that was challenging but not threatening
      — the worlds and wisdom of Orson Scott Card
      — my own (highly noticable) shiny blond hair
      — this time in a warm, sunny conference room by myself to reflect
      — remembering my breath
      — darling Lady M for SO many reasons; but lately for her trust and confidence that make such things as being able to pine for a Crush even thinkable, let alone possible. For the closeness and the connection that comes from this kind of honesty and openness. You’re the One.


    3. * friends: open and honest, loving and accepting
      * challenges
      * warm blankets
      * laughter
      * hot chocolate
      * the future and all of its possibilities
      * comfort food
      * cuddling
      * wishing
      * compliments: giving and receiving


    4. Let’s see…
      -As of today I’m on winter break
      -Cute redheads with green eyes
      -My health
      -Lovely lady friends
      -“New” old novels
      -Furry kitties, mine specifically
      -Eggnog, and other holiday spicy treats I look forward to indulging in!!!


    5. Well…
      –Winter break, spring break, summer break, fall break – presently enjoying winter break!
      –rekindled friendships
      –Continuing education – to remind me that learning can indeed be fun
      –the love of family and friends
      –the unconditional friendship and love that little furry creatures bring
      –fried potatoes
      –the 2 ton weight aka semester finals that has been lifted from my shoulders
      –ice water with a long straw
      –my sleuthing capabilities
      –My house filled with holiday cheer – inside and out 


    6. *Meegin, Magan or Meg
      *making Meg’s list!!
      *eating a whole box of candy in one afternoon
      *ditto on the kitties
      *a grumbling ditto on jen’s ‘challenges’
      *foamless hot drinks
      thanks Meg!


    7. Thank you, my sweet friends, for sharing with me the things that make you happy.

      Thank you for helping me create a jouyful moment in time, in this season when it is so easy to get lost in the have-tos and the shopping and the traffic.

      You are all on my list.


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