Two Thousand Three

The last day of the year.

I write this on D’s laptop, from high atop Chicago. The lake is frosty blue; the sky meets its intensity.

Another year is passing.

I’m grateful for its pains and its joys. I’m grateful for it all, and for the glorious beginning of another.

Goodbye Rigor dear.
Goodbye John Ritter.
Goodbye third year of the new millennium.

Hello sky.
Hello second year of marriage.
Hello two thousand four.

2 thoughts on “Two Thousand Three

  1. You’re a goose, the way you keep neglecting to put the link to the new entries in your notifications. But I wanted it, so I came looking. =)
    Happy New Year, my sweet. Here’s to another round of love and joy, support through the tough times and friends to share the laughter in the good times, and always a kitty cat nearby.
    So much love,


  2. Eeeee 🙂 I have been pretty bad about visiting your diary, but here I am for now. *hugs* Happy New Year to you and your wonderful little family up there in the Chicago area.


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