What Went On

Between Dec 16 and Dec 31 I wrote not a wit here. Sorry about that.

Here are the highlights of the past two and a half weeks in the form of Titles One Would Find in the Self-Help section:

The Agency Holiday Party, or How I (and several others) Learned to Love My Push-Up Bra.
Marriage and Last Minute Christmas Shopping: Volatile Yet Painful
Family Guilt: The Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving
Boxing Day Isn’t For Wimps Anymore or Mom Tells All!
Virus Schmirus: How To Lose Precious Vacation Days to Unconsciousness
Tuesday is Booze Day or How Many Times Do I Plan To Get Drunk This Month? [The Push-Up Bra Strikes Back]
Four-Star Hangover: Sick AND Drunk in Chicago’s Best Hotels

[note: Actually I wasn’t so much hungover on New Year’s Day (after all, we left Goodall & Metro & Gencie early because I already felt like such crap) as I was beat down. D was hungover. And catching my viral infection. Marriage is so beautiful that way.]

Truly, it’s been a lovely month, and I’ve had some really magical holidays. Sweet pictures from my December:

  • Reading Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to D as we drove to Indiana on Christmas Eve
  • Singing at Christmas Eve mass and our late night ride through beautifully lit neighborhoods afterward.
  • Sleeping at my mom’s on Christmas Eve is always magical.
  • Every time I caught sight of one of my cats sprawled on the furniture at mom’s. I love that they travel so well, and that mom loves them as much as we do.
  • Opening my beautiful, amazing Wedding CD – with pictures of us on the custom cover, booklet, and cd itself – packed with all of the music from our ceremony and reception – over 120 tracks. My D is, well, I don’t have the words. I just know I’m so blessed.
  • Seeing Rigor’s little grave for the first time. It hurt, but the sight of it, with the teeny evergreen tree reminding me that life does go on, brought me a little peace.
  • Walking Little B’s new puppy with him.
  • Egg nog, cheese & crackers, and good talk in front of the fire late Christmas night after Mom & Antz went to bed.
  • Making cookies with Mom on Friday. I was at once nine years old and twenty-nine – her daughter and her friend. We learned a lot about each other. I will treasure this day for a long time to come.
  • Crusing Meijer late night Friday (what else is there to do at 1am in Indiana?) with dear Moon, who we hadn’t seen in ages. I have to admit, I’ve developed another crush.
  • An easy drive home, with Kokoro singing in the back and Dairy Queen treats.
  • Staying in the City on the 30th and 31st, with a gorgeous view of Lake Shore Drive and the Lake itself.
  • A beautiful, blissful hour or so in the Winter Garden at the Chicago Library HWLC on Tuesday. I loved showing D “my” library, and we got so caught up in our books and in the Winter Garden’s lush, spring-like atmosphere that we were oblivious to the library closing around us.
  • Surprising Goodall & Gencie at LJs party that night (they make me feel so loved), D and I smooching with EC(lv), and ending the evening with room service ice cream and fun pay-per-view porn.
  • New Year’s Eve in the Heavenly Bed – watching the Navy Pier fireworks on tv, and hearing them happening right outside our hotel.
  • Late night cable, Ian Holm, and Sean Astin convincing me to look past the hype and check out LoTR after all. Though I didn’t make it through the entire thing, I am enchanted with Ian Hom as Bilbo. Wow.
  • Coming in to work today, after nearly two weeks off, to find this in my inbox:

    My lovey love, we may not always communicate with 100% clarity, but its the difference between perfect understanding and our actual understanding that provides us with the opportunities for growth and discovery that we so want and deserve. You are my favorite lab-partner, and my wonderful loving best friend, and you are sexy and desirable and YOU know it, even if you pretend otherwise sometimes. Now kiss me and tell me that you love me and let me put my arms around you and whisper the same back to you, over and over, forever. -your loving sushiface

  • 4 thoughts on “What Went On

    1. oh my. never have i wanted to know you in person as i do right now. i want to hunker down in a cafe and hear all about this trip and this boy and these friends and, well, you. i want to see your face and hear your voice and touch your arm as we converse.
      i hope this doesn’t sound creepy.


    2. sounds like faboo-goodness (except being sick!); all which you deserve.

      Hoping to see you soon-I miss you damn it!


    3. Sounds like love, adventure , tender moments and a tinge of serenity were had by all. In the end, who could ask for more?


    4. Your rememberance entries are always so thoughtful. 🙂 I enjoyed the titles as well. I especially felt for you over Rigor’s grave and its evergreen. *hugs full of peace*


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