Christmas Present

3,000 letters later and I have time to update the blog.

Oh, I love February. Paper cuts and slushy sidewalks and winds so strong you can’t bear them so you take the bus and then it slams on the brakes as you’re making your way to the exit and you fly backward and hit a pole – hard – and then your legs are shaking so much you fall getting out of the damn bus and get fistful of snow in your bag.

Yes, there’s no other time of year quite like it.

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It’s the seventeenth, and already February has been a rough one. I took that injurious fall and yet somehow managed to address, fold, stuff, stamp and mail 3000 letters for a winter appeal all before the 10th. In the last week, I’ve completely cleaned out my cube, getting caught up on all of the mail, voicemail, filing and miscellany left to pile up while I was working on the appeal. Much slogging there, and a few more paper cuts, but I’m feeling more on top of things at work, and less like I want to work at a video store again. This is good.

But since February has beaten me so thoroughly so far, and since December is too short for all of the joy it holds, D & I have decided to wind up this beastly little month with something very special: Christmas II.

It all starts on Christmas II Eve (the 28th). We’ll be watching our favorite holiday specials, baking holiday treats, and staying up late to watch the lights twinkle and listen for Santa. The next day will be a wonderful holiday, full of Christmas II movies, presents, and all around cheer. I am so excited for this. Even more excited than Christmas I because this one is all ours. There are no lists of obligatory gifts to buy, no parties requiring new stunning outfits, no forced cheer or painful gatherings. Just me and my favorite person in the world, home with our kitties, a roaring fire, eggnog, ribbons and shiny paper, Scrooge, twinkling lights, and a whole lot of love.

True, it’s not easy to celebrate Christmas in February, so if you feel you’d like to attempt this at home, here are a few suggestions from Chez Meg:

First – Really and truly believe it yourself. You can’t enjoy it unless you let go of your calendar and embrace the magic of your imagination.

Next – Get out your Christmas CDs, tapes and LPs and play them a lot in the weeks leading up to the holiday -not too much, so you get tired of them before the big day, but just enough to help you capture the excitement and wonder. Look for songs you loved as a child and get those in heavy rotation.

Also – Try to find those holiday specials you loved as a kid and waited for all year long. Maybe it’s the classic Rudolph, or perhaps something more obscure. If you can, track it down. Put on some pjs and grab a cookie or some cocoa, and snuggle down to watch. Pause it every once in a while and remember what it felt like to be nine and bursting with the joy and anticipation of Santa. Find that magic inside you.

Then – add some new elements to Christmas II. Make it slightly different from Christmas I by modifying your traditions a little. Our Christmas II front door wreath is the same as Christmas I, but will be dressed up with a pink ribbon, to add a flavor of spring. You can transform Christmas cookies into Christmas II cookies by making very different varieties than you would usually have – with non-traditional holiday flavors like lemon. Our Christmas II celebration will be crowned with a new holiday dessert – Christmas Pie, homemade cherry.

It’s Difficult – to find cut evergreen trees this year, so try stringing lights on every day objects – like bookcases, tall lamps, or your entertainment center.

Don’t Forget – Christmas II should be a day without errands, business calls, commercials, and chores. Stay home – don’t go out. Instead, relax and enjoy your loved ones’ – our your own – company all day long. Take a pine-scented bubble bath, have a slice of Christmas pie, watch Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas, and rediscover the peace of the season in your heart.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Present

  1. Meg, how I love thee your quirky wonderfulness.
    Your fall on the bus sounds so nasty – stories like that are some of the few things that can make me wish for year-round summertime living, in a place like Florida.
    Merry Christmas II, doll!
    And since you won’t be by to read anymore, here’s a promise for more personal mail from me.


  2. What an absolutely wonderful idea.

    I don’t feel up to the task of another Christmas, so if you don’t mind, I’ll live vicariously through yours.

    And Merry Christmas II…you truly are the tinsel on the tree.

    Love and hugs.


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