Currently wearing: long-sleeved black v-neck tee, short green corduroy skirt, black hose, black strappy shoes.
Currently reading: Memoir Of A Geisha by Arthur Golden [yes, again.]
Currently listening to: A remembrance of Spaulding Gray on Fresh Air&#174.
Currently mesmerized by: Lost In Translation and Nellie McKay’s debut, Get Away From Me.
Currently smelling like: cocoa butter.

You remember that feeling, don’t you? A tingly sensation in your stomach; a weakening in the knees. You can’t stop daydreaming about the two of you together. The sun shines more brightly down on the two of you as you make your way through the city together. It’s love. You’ve given yourself over.

And so it is for me. Publicly, I will declare it: iMP-50, I love you.

Thank you for playing music CDs, home-made CD-R and CD-RW with MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), multi-session discs (discs burned at different points over time), and Microsoft’s Advanced Systems Format (ASF). And I know you’re committed to me because new formats such as AAC, MP3 Pro, and so on can be supported in the future through a simple firmware upgrade. You also support Winamp playlists as long as they use the file extension *.m3u (maximum 20 lists), while giving me a healthy four minutes anti-skip protection for MP3 and WMA files. And to top it all off, you came with a car adapter and batteries! Is there nothing you can or won’t do for me, sweetest iMP-50?

A girl and her MP3 player. A beautiful thing.