Out Like a Lamb

Where did March go? Holy crap, it’s the 24th.

Currently wearing: lame jeans, itchy blue wool sweater, the best shoes in the whole wide world.
Currently reading: Memoir Of A Geisha by Arthur Golden [almost done. Any suggestions for my next up?]
Currently listening to: Art Deco Series’ Lovely Ladies of Stage & Screen – which includes a number by one of my favorites, Alice Faye.
Currently hopped up on: Sugar, sweet sweet sugar.
Currently fantasizing about: Walking around without a coat.

Where have I been for the last two weeks? Where are the damn updates promised on the front page?

I can explain myself in three little words: Work, work, and work. Two weekends this month full of work. Every day in the office packed with paper cuts, letters, and neck pain.

This last mailing was a 2,500 piece, completely personalized doozy. That means hand-addressing all of the outer envelopes, hand-signing all of the letters, and folding, stuffing, and and sticking first-class stamps on it all. I am so tired.

But now that it is shuttling through the letter slots and mailboxes of the greater Chicago area, and I am content to kick back and rel- oh, no I’m not. There are always more appeals where this one came from. Thankfully though, the next two are (mostly) hands-free, mail house projects, and sort of interesting.

For instance, I’ve spent the morning working on our Mother’s Day Appeal – a greeting card-type mailing, involving – get this – COLOR! Now then, by “working on” what I really mean is wrestling with Adobe Illustrator to create the artwork. And “wrestling” is no hyperbole. Imagine if you will, a girl battling the will of a machine, entrenched in the epic struggle of human versus software. This was my morning.

Though I am a creative gal, I am certainly not trained in design, so therefore my work in Illustrator is similar to how a cat might work with a toaster – mostly I’m frightened by it; once in a while I get entranced by my reflection in the shiny surface [of my monitor]; and it all ends it my getting burned.

(Did I just make a cat/toaster simile? I am so tired.)

But I must soldier on because at the end of this day, I have four days off. Four days, mes amies.

And perhaps somewhere in those four days, I will find the time to re-vamp the FAQ and About A Girl pages. Perhaps I’ll find my half-coded Links page and get that up. Maybe I’ll finally pull-together and polish those picture galleries and wedding stories.

Or maybe I’ll just lie around in my SuperGirl pajamas and watch Shirley Temple movies. Only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Out Like a Lamb

  1. Time well earned in Supergirl jammies, in more ways than one. I hear you about self-taught computer knowledge. Thankfully I have The boy to do most of the heavy lifting for me. Soldier on, my Meg. Oh, and I bookmarked that sneaker link – The boy wants a pair of fun navy blue Chucks – he may love these even more.. Thanks a million.


  2. eternal vigilance is the price of democracy…
    eternal fundraising is the price of vigilance.

    keep fighting the good fight, and enjoy the weekend.


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