Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

Oh, how I loved my four-day weekend.

What a difference four days make…ninety-six little hours…

It went like this:

: Notes From The Day of Nothing
Slept until seven without guilt. Got up to have a bowl of Princess Cereal with D. Kissed him goodbye and climbed back into bed. Remained there for many hours.

Took a shower and a bath. Moved to couch, where I watched infomercials and QVC in horrified fascination. After submitting to a bit of mind-control, ordered skin care system from the tv. Ran upstairs from time to time to monitor work email a bit due to unresolved issue which needed my attention. Watched more tv.

Left the house (!) in the mid-afternoon to enjoy some unadulterated library time. Picked up four books, three of which I would proceed to read over the next three days. Came home and threw open all the windows to let in the spring air, and settled in to watch A Mighty Wind with director’s commentary. D came home as the film ended and honestly I can’t remember what we did that night, although it may have been naughty. I know it involved staying up until two am or so.

: I Now Become Uber-Busy, But I Like It
D took this day off, so we slept in until ten. Bliss. After cereal (corn Chex&#174 this time), we headed out together, which is so fun. As D was meeting a friend downtown, I dropped him off at the train station, in a fun twist of our usual roles. I traveled on to visit Laura at my new salon for a haircut and wax action. Um, ow. But the haircut – SO in love with myself.

After tipping Laura well, I headed to the mall, because I needed new clothes to go with this incredible haircut. Torrid was the destination, and hottitude was the ideal. It was satisfied. A chunk of change and two sweaters, a cami, a key-hole dragon tee, and a two-dollar funky plastic bracelet later, I was fairly skipped out of the mall and headed home. I made a quick stop at Einstein’s for their tasty Chipotle Chicken Salad, took it home, and happily munched away. All this, and it was only two p.m. or so. I love days off!

The beautiful day and my beautiful head inspired me to beautify the house. So, after lunch it was vacuuming the downstairs and upstairs, dishwasher unloading, loading, and running; kitchen sweeping and cleaning, laundry folding, bathroom cleaning, and litterbox scooping. Collapsed. Started reading The Luckiest Girl by Beverly Cleary. D came home, and we headed out to dinner with cutest couple ever, Lis & Manny. I looked good, drank great sake, had the best filet mignon – ate it with chopsticks! Went back to our house for sweets and movies, including The Ugly and MST3K: Space Mutiny. I fell asleep in the comfy Ikea chair.

: Summoning Spring
Saturday was beautiful, in many ways. The first part of the morning was just glorious – me in the comfy Ikea chair in the sun, finishing The Luckiest Girl, ruffling Kokoro’s fur from time to time, and watching D nap on the couch. Mid morning, D went to Aikido, and I spent a a few hours outside, in topsoil heaven. First, there was picking up all the trash that has accumulated in my meager backyard/patio/garden over the winter months. It seems to blow in from all over, and in particular from the street behind our complex. I found everything from candy wrappers to newspapers to a broken knife blade. Odd.

So just a quick PSA: If you are walking along, enjoying a beautiful day while snacking on a FastBreak&#174/reading the Daily Herald/sharpening your knife and you finish your candy/ your article/break your knife, please hold on to your trash until you come upon an appropriate receptacle for it. If you throw it down, I end up having to pick up after you. Is that fair? No. Also, I now have a rusty knife blade, so don’t let me catch you doing it, either.

Right. So after I cleared the place of trash and leaves and debris, I made a happy discovery – my bulbs are coming up! One cold day back in October, I inexpertly stuck a bunch of tulips and something else (asters? I dunno, something purple) in the ground back there, and now there are green stalks coming up! Also, the Lilies of the Valley are coming back! My third spring in this place, and I’m finally doing something right. I weeded a bit, and planted some summer blooming seeds in the empty spaces, filled my bird feeder, and felt very contented over it all.

Once D came home, we both cleaned up and went out to lunch. We went to a restaurant in the plaza near our house, and after to a long walk, getting some exercise and talking, talking, talking. We’re so good at that.

Back home, D went upstairs to the office to learn more about Java and Perl. I started my next book Jean and Johnny – also by Beverly Cleary. Eventually we ate food again and decided to tackle something we’ve been meaning to do for a long, long time. We finished Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring. At the end, all I could do was raise my arms into the air and shout “Woo HOO!” I feel so proud. And now, we can give it back to Manny. Relief.

: Pampering the Uterus
Cramp day, big time. And a two book day: finished Jean and Johnny and read Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood by Julie Gregory from start to finish. Honestly, I could not put it down. Riveting, shocking, moving. Go get it.

And that was pretty much Sunday. I had wanted to go to the library, but when I looked up from Sickened it was already 5:30pm. So, we spent the evening digging into our own interests – me, a heating pad, & Shirley Temple (Heidi) – D & Perl. A quiet evening, and perfect end to the best vacation I’ve had in ages.

And then, I went back to work. But that’s another entry.

4 thoughts on “Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

  1. Sounds like a whole lot of Meg-time, just what you needed. Now if I can find some Jen-time among the Easter chaos, I too will be contented 🙂 Love you.


  2. I just checked out your new pics – who are Venus and friends? Adorable little cuties.


  3. A rusty knife blade – she’s armed and she hates litter, people!
    Love the pics, love them. You look so beautiful and happy in the Goodbye album.
    Four day weekends are a beautiful thing – I am glad you got one when you needed it.


  4. *hug* Sounds wonderful. 🙂 I need a break too.

    Gotta run for today… will try to stay caught up. BUt we all know where that leads me 😉

    *hugs one more time*


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