Dough For Kerry

You like cookies, don’t you?

You like democracy as well, right?

So, combine them both…

Stop by Women and Children First Bookstore this Saturday, April 17, from 11am-2pm and get some Dough For Kerry!

Kate, Kristine, and I are coordinating a Bake Sale For Democracy, spurned on by So far, over twenty other democracy-loving complete strangers have signed on to help us by baking all manner of wonderful treats and helping us set up and [wo]man the table. If you are in the area, please please come by and help us the raise money to Bake Back The White House!

Email me for directions, or more information, or go to to find a sale in your area or to learn what you can do to help!

4 thoughts on “Dough For Kerry

  1. Meg, I hope that the bake sale goes well. I am for anything that will get that idiot back to the village in Texas that is missing him. I would buy some cookies from you myself, but it is kind of a long walk from Bangor, Maine to Chicago…even for me. 🙂


  2. Mmmm baked goods. Truly wish I were up in the neighborhood. How ’bout I eat lots of sugar this weekend in the name of democracy?!?!

    Great idea babe-hope it goes well!


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