Post Pox Update

It�s been a very different sort of week around here.

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First of all, the Dough For Kerry bake sale was more than amazing. We sold over two hundred baked items and made a whopping $1060 – holy crap! � all while spending the day meeting and talking with other ABBA fans (that’s Anyone But Bush Again). It was so inspiring, electrifying, and exhausting. A great day.

So Sunday, it was time to relax. But D wasn’t feeling well at all. He was running a moderately high temperature and was particularly concerned about the sudden appearance of a few red blisters on his arms and face. I helped keep him hydrated and warm; we thought it was probably the flu.

By Monday morning, though, we could see it was something more serious. D was coughing and feeling weak and miserable. He made an appointment to see the doctor as I decided whether I’d head to work or stay with him. When he pulled off his pajama top to get dressed, I gasped. His back and chest were covered in angry red hives. I decided I’d go with him. The kind doctor took one look at him and diagnosed Chicken Pox. Whoa.

So that was Monday and now it’s Saturday night. D hasn’t been able to leave the house since that trip to the doc’s office. For days he�s had a fever and a nagging cough, along with the miserable, painful, itching rash. I think we’re over the worst now, but the recovery is still going on. We’re both very tired. I miss touching him since for days even a gentle pat would make him wince. Our weekend plans to dog-sit Kate & Chuck’s Venus had to be abandoned since I couldn’t find an alternative plan. This was very disappointing for everyone.

But this time of need and nursing has had its upside. We’ve spent a lot of time together, enjoying something as simple activities like reading and napping. Every day we’ve found a million reasons to feel grateful for one another – for sweet nursing care, for unconditional love, for returning health.

I so like this boy I’ve married. Chicken Pox and all.

Ok, time for more twisted horror novels, slasher films, and fudge.

7 thoughts on “Post Pox Update

  1. Florence Nightengale look out! It’s Lovely Nurse Meg! (strike a bold manga-pose here) I smile in the knowledge of how much D-San appreciates your care. Keep the green tea comin’!


  2. Hey there Megan. So sorry to hear that Derek has been under the weather (big time sick). Hope everyone is on the mend. I love your updates.



  3. My best wishes to both of you, Meg, I hope that Derek is feeling much better. I was 9 when I had chicken pox, so I guess it must be worse when you have them later. I hope you have already had them. Sending healing vibes toward your household.


  4. Yikes! Was it straight up chicken pox, or the nastier adult version, shingles? That’s such a painful condition!
    Either way, I’m glad he’s feeling better, and that he had you to take care of him – Marcus was sick most of last week (though not nearly as bad), so I got to flex my nursing muscles, too.
    Heard news coverage about the March today and thought of you. Love,


  5. I was listening to ABBA on the way into work – and even though I’ve never heard or seen that illiteration of that word before, I totally think we’re in sync here 🙂


  6. Okay, I may be running a bit late, but here’s a bit of unsolicited advice from an old mom who has been around the block with the pox a time or two. As his scabs are healing, soak the boy in Aveeno Oatmeal Bath. It helps with itching/discomfort & aids healing.

    Also, it will help to give him a double dose of Vitamin E capsules for awhile to give the skin a fighting chance.

    Hope he feels better soon.



  7. AHHH! Adult chicken pox are terrible… not that you don’t KNOW that of course. *hugs* Glad he is doing better now! You are such a good wife. 🙂


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