The Other Washington

It’s 4:45pm on Friday afternoon and my head is spinning.

It’s a combination of things: half a brownie, one and one-half cans of 7-UP&#174, and the fact that I haven’t had a full day off since May 8. I think maybe I should go home.

So, I will.

But even better for me, I get to fly far, far away very soon. On the evening of the 26th, we will celebrate our second year of marriage with the crew of United Airlines Flight 519 to Seattle. There will be snuggling. There will be drinking. There will be bliss.

I didn’ t go to D.C. in April, but I’ll be the toast of the Pacific Northwest in May. Washington, here I come.

And I can’t really tell you how thrilled I am to get away from my job right now. My morale hasn’t been this low since the last few months of Dealer Service hell at BigMusicCo. I hate going to bed at night because I have to get up and go to work the next morning. I hate the office politics and games that too many of my co-workers seem to revel in. I hate my cubicle and what the fact that I have one, rather than an office, implies. I hate that I have so much responsibility with very little authority. I hate that I am currently waging what will most likely be a losing battle to get the resources this job requires.

In short, I’m burned out. Beat down. Exhausted with fighting a fight every day that seems so pointless. So moot.

Will Seattle bring back my spunk, my joie de vivre? Perhaps. But it will be temporary, like the effects of a few gin & tonics. Something needs to truly change, either in me or in my working environment. Probably both.

But for now, Washington beckons. I just can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “The Other Washington

  1. Oh hon… you do need to make a change. When work becomes toxic it is time for an antidote.


  2. You should try to get what you write published. Everytime I read your posts I am so impressed and think ‘she should get a newspaper column.’ That’s what I’ve been telling my mother. Why do you think I signed her up to receive your posts?

    Didn’t you tell me how much you enjoyed public speaking? And you are a wonderful singer! Sounds like you’re working far too much leaving no time for yourself. But you’ll figure it out.

    Have a fantastic anniversary! Make sure to leave all of your work woes at work, don’t take them to Seattle with you. Hell, don’t even take them out the office with you! You’re in control of your thoughts (which is something I have been really working on myself lately).

    Bon Voyage!

    xx e


  3. ANy place rated a Best Place to Kiss sounds like a great place to escape for one’s anniversary. Leave the world behind, my sweet.
    I hate to hear you sounding so disheartened, I truly do. Come East in August, where it won’t be nearly as pretty as that B&B, but I’ll do my best to show you a good time!


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