Closing The Gap

Read this today-

from The Associated Press:
Updated: 12:41 p.m. ET May 21, 2004NEW YORK – Under pressure from
investors to find new ways to grow its business, Gap Inc. says its
lower-priced Old Navy chain will launch a plus-sized women’s
clothing line in July.

The new plus-size line is among the first of a series of initiatives
by Gap to grow its sales in the wake of a successful corporate
turnaround that has been “all about getting business back on stable
ground,” President and Chief Executive Paul Pressler told analysts
in a Thursday conference call.

Can I get an amen?! I’ve been writing to them, suggesting this, for some time.

This is totally a win-win, Gap. Get ready for a huge influx of cash from a loyal and, well, large customer base. It’s about fucking time.

3 thoughts on “Closing The Gap

  1. Yeah no kidding! And Old Navy has had supposed plu sizes for a while, but they run so damn SMALL! I wear a 16 to an 18 normally, but I can hardly fit into ON 20s sometimes!

    I will be interested to see if the clothes will all be for women over 5’9″ as well.. ON has problems with a lot of length in the legs too. Hmm… color me skeptical til I see the evidence! 😉



  2. I have noticed recently that their sizes run up to 20 inmany things – I am so glad to hear they are embracing the plus. Which just means more to love, baby,


  3. Maybe I’ll saunter in there again. Maybe I’ll wait till you are here to go with me 🙂


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