Me & Ethel Rosenberg

What a film. It was moving and very painful, and I confronted things I knew, things I wish I didn’t, and the hard fact that I am bitterly divided from many I love because I want the truth to be told and liberty and justice to really be for all. Not just for those who can turn a profit from it.

I am perhaps even more eager to see The Hunting Of The President which, taken along with Fahrenheit 911, gives a and even more full and devastating picture of the last twelve years.

For example, remember the screaming headlines and claims about the Clintons circa 1994?
Such as CLINTON TOOK COCAINE WHILE IN OFFICE (London Sunday Telegraph, July 17, 1994),
10 Mar 1994 Upon receiving an article clipped from a newsletter from Johnson Smick International, Rush Limbaugh deems it worthy to share the unsubstantiated claim with his radio listeners: “OK, folks, I think I got enough information here to tell you about the contents of this fax that I got. Brace yourselves. This fax contains information that I have just been told will appear in a newsletter to Morgan Stanley sales personnel this afternoon… What it is is a bit of news which says… there’s a Washington consulting firm that has scheduled the release of a report that will appear, it will be published, that claims that Vince Foster was murdered in an apartment owned by Hillary Clinton, and the body was then taken to Fort Marcy Park.” No such report is ever actually issued.
And there’s so much more out there – unsubstantiated claims and allegations against the Clintons that have never been proven. And in many cases, have been disproved. Take the Vince Foster matter. A White House independent counsel, investigating alleged Clinton wrongdoings, came to the conclusions that such claims where “lies and distortions” and that “Vincent Foster committed suicide.” And that independent counsel’s name? Ken Starr. (read more about it here and here.

But I digress, just a touch. My point is this: We’ve spent twelve years tolerating a number of right-wing commentators making banal to spurious to libelous claims and lies about the Clintons, yet it is considered treasonous by these same commentators to question the War in Iraq. To want the President to have to prove that he is the right man for the job this time around, which is what an election is all about. It’s wrong to question the government, but if you’re on the “right” side, you can accuse the First Lady of murder, apparently.

I wonder what Laura’s been up to lately?


Just read a great interview at – Paul Campos

I think this hits it on the head:
“Overconsumption in America is closely equated with class: The higher up you go the more you consume. The only area in which consumption is inversely related to class is caloric overconsumption. So the American elite project anxiety about the fact that they’re massively overconsuming economically and materially through a disgust for fat, lower-class people. “

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