Playing Catch Up

Oh my, how the time slips away.

I’ve been on two vacations, witnessed one space flight, seen three films in the theater, read more than ten books, thrown one tantrum at work, spent three days in bed, lost one good work chum to another job, been terribly drunk twice, nearly quit my job once, been on one dinner cruise, seen the Lake from a husband-piloted plane twice, took on leadership of the BFB Book Club, bought two sexy dresses and a new swimsuit, and addressed approximately 1600 envelopes – all since I last wrote.

More or less.

So, it’s a busy life. And with swimming, biking, or band rehearsal and concerts taking up most of my evenings, I have devoted little to no time to being online. Oh, I check in at a board or two, check my email and try to answer it, and shop, but blog? Not so much.

This summer seems so precious; I don’t want to waste one more minute indoors than I have to. I’m not sure what it is, but I have this strong sense of time slipping away, like pearls sliding out of my hands, and I want to savor each little gorgeous bead.

Life is too short to worry about whether you’re too fat to be seen on your bike, or why friends leave your life silently, or how you’re going to make monthly goal. I work hard at my job, but it’s not my life. I want to have a huge group of friends, but having people like me is not my worth. I want to look like society’s ideal woman, but that ideal is not the truth. So I’m focusing on what is real and now and true to me. It feels pretty good.

And lord, there’s so much more going on this summer, I don’t have time to reflect on the troublesome. I have four more concerts, a work trip to Baltimore (which will include meeting Mavis!), camping with some of the awesome fat girls at the Gab Cafe, camping with my darl, and Elizabeth C’s wedding – and almost all of that is by August 4.

I’d love to sum all this up with some insightful words of wisdom, but I’m worn out.

I’ll be back,

3 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Hey there Megan. It does sound like you’re having a fun/busy/crazy-booked summer. Hope you’re having a good time.
    Look forward to a drink at catch up some time in near future. Enjoy yourself.



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