Lost in The Carpal Tunnel*

Can’t type ’cause it hurts.

Fairly good drugs, though. I like sleeping on my desk.


The fountain at Millennium Park is up and running and I have a perfect view of the south tower from my office window. The falling water could be a calming, contemplative sight – but for loud, gawking crowds. Such as the six nearly identical shirtless boys I just saw running around under the spray. Six. Shirtless. Boys – All with dark, wet hair, and wearing nothing but sopping blue shorts. I thought perhaps it was just one boy, and that the drugs sort of made him look like six boys. But no, there’s six. Oh, and don’t forget the teeny girl running around in her birthday suit and diaper.

Time for another pill.

*Yes, it’s tendonitis, not carpal tunnel syndrome. But a cute name nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Lost in The Carpal Tunnel*

  1. Doesn’t matter what you call it ’cause it all hurts like blazes.
    Are you getting PT, or just taking inflammatories? This is a subject I know all too well.
    At work, feeling guilty, must go.
    Check your mailbox (the real one)!


  2. Heehee, I’m imagining the ‘teeny girl in her birthday suit with a diaper’ as a teenage girl. And that makes me laugh!


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