Still Lost…Need Flashlight.

I’m dying here…

I am typing, ever…so…slowly, with my left hand. And my left hand only. This not because my right hand is off doing something fun and squishy. No, it’s wrapped in a splint and kinesiotape, and elevated on a pad on my desk. I am forced to hunt and pack, southpaw-style, because my righty hurts so much that even thinking about using it makes it swell up. And I suck at this left-handed stuff.

(see, that took twenty minutes to type, especially the word “squishy.”)

My impatience with my situation knows no bounds. I’m lost without my pen or keyboard for comfort. I can’t write about how it feels to have your voice splinted out of commission; how the pain makes me crazy and evil and wish for dark, poisonous things.

I can’t even tell you silly bits like how much, to my utter surprise, I loved Anchorman; I can’t tell you about Cthulhu the Chihuahua; I can’t tell you about my fears and joys in meeting the gals at The Midwest Fatso Gabster Retreat; I cant tell you how wonderful my Derek has been throughout my little ordeal, though this should be a surprise to no one.

But, I’ll get my hand back, someday, I will. And I get to see Maryland, soon, on the company’s dime. And I have love, if not total health, and great cats and a sweet face…and strength.


Thanks for weathering a moment of weakness with me. I’ll be okay.

2 thoughts on “Still Lost…Need Flashlight.

  1. Oh honey. Owee ow. Thanks for putting yourself through the frustration of one handed typing to tell us about it. (I am really paying attention to my typing now, and appreciating that I have all ten fingers at my disposal.
    Tuesday night, right? Still on? I’ll be traveling this weekend, but call anyway, I have my mobile.
    Can’t wait!


  2. useless factoid of the day: stewardesses is the longest word to be typed with only your left hand.

    get well soon!


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