Radio Silence – Broken

As Alice Walker said, you can’t keep a good woman down. And make no mistake, I am indeed a good woman.

Currently wearing: cropped jeans, (which on me aren’t all that cropped), sheer purply long-sleeved shirt with a fuscia tank underneath, new ergonomic phone headset, and on my right arm: kinesiotape, compression gauntlet, and highly stylish thumb stabilizer.
Currently reading: Candy Freak by Steve Almond.
Currently listening to: Simple Things – Zero Seven.
Currently enjoying: new ergonomic trackball mouse.
Currently fantasizing about: Getting my right arm back.

My need to write and document my daily life is exceeding the pain which doing so inflicts, so here I am. In the spirit of efficiency, I’ll do a bullety-listy thing.

  • First, you must know that I love this song. It’s track #3, “Destiny,” from the Zero Seven CD I’m listening to. The beat is slow and sexy, the lyrics are sweet and moving. If you can get your hands on a copy, I highly recommend it.
  • I met Mavis! I met her! She was dear and engaging and funny and darling and it was such a good time. I wish we could have had a sleep over in my Baltimore hotel room, talking and snacking and laughing all night. It’s rare that I feel so comfortable with someone so fast. Of course, as we kept pointing out, we have known each other for three years, just not in person. So what a delight it was to see her sweet face. She is a treasure.
  • Old Navy’s plus sizes kind of suck, what with horrid fabrics and all of two differing styles (a button-down 3/4 sleeve blouse and a unendurably boxy tee), but I’m finding more larger sizes throughout the “normal people” styles – though, of course, not in the sexier items. That is because retailers FEAR THE SEXINESS OF THE PLUS-SIZED WOMAN! And who doesn’t, really? We make men cower.
  • Corn Flake and The Biscuit are great, thanks for asking.
  • A sad coda to the very enlightening FatGirl Retreat in late July was the loss of our digital camera. I’m not sure how it happened, and I am still grieving deeply. I suppose I’m stuck in the disbelief stage. Without visual documentation of my life, I feel sort of lost.
  • I have been to physical therapy (PT) four times. It’s not all bad. I get to meet new people, like my two therapists: Reticent Merril and Groovy Wiccan Debbie. I’ve read excellent articles on Aaron Macgruder while sticking my arm in a machine which blows hot air and ground corn husks all over and around my aching limb, providing dry heat massage and a funkadelic sensation. I’m learning my way around the huge hospital and the retro-looking basement, where the PT area is hidden, and I think that to celebrate my patient-ness and this time of pain and fun, I just might linger after my next Thursday appointment and have breakfast in the cafeteria. In other words, I’m making the best of it.
  • Did I tell you that we went to California and ate in the wacky restaurant at LAX? After that, we drove out to the Mojave desert and witnessed a space flight too. But that was two months ago, so maybe I already told you.
  • Work is work. Pretty bad in spots; better in others.
  • Big fat birthday is coming up. Leaving my twenties behind. How fun to get older!
  • This has taken me nearly twenty-four hours to complete. The cats are asking me to please be kind to my injury, and as Groovy Wiccan Debbie puts it “give my arm a vacation.” So vacate, I will.

    4 thoughts on “Radio Silence – Broken

    1. Well, gosh. You’re pretty special, yourself, you know. That hot air/corn husk thing sounds wild – almost makes me wish I had tendinitis. (I am so kidding about that.)
      I hope the good spots outweigh the bad at work…
      Miss you again.


    2. Meg!

      Sorry to hear about your owie arm. How was DOC? Work is killing me at the moment. The RNC is killing me at the moment. Yeah, OLD NAVY is sucky, but the store near me had several different styles of tops (including a super soft and cute scoop neck tee, and pearl button western style shirts) so maybe they are fleshing out the line. Hee. Fleshing. That was funny. Just wanted to say hello! Cheers,


    3. Haven’t been to Old Navy in eons – last time I went I was SO disappointed with the selection AND the lack of sizes!

      Thank you so much for coming to see me last weekend – I just loved seeing you (as if you couldn’t tell).

      M and I are SERIOUSLY thinking about trying to make your party. His mom is just 20 min. or so away from Schaumburg, so we could ideally stay there…hm…food for thought…I’ll have to give it more thought when I’m not so bloody exhausted. xoxoxoxxoxo


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