Playing the Ponies

Ready for more bullets?

Currently wearing: cropped jeans, (again), black tee shirt, earrings BrideJ gave me, and, as always, highly stylish thumb stabilizer.
Currently reading: Dracula Was A Woman by Raymond T. McNally.
Currently listening to: The scary sounds of Doom 3.
Currently enjoying: Ben & Jerry’s sweet cream & cookie ice cream – CarbsCarbsCarbs Yeah!
Currently fond of: My big bod.

  • Wrist is still a mess. I’ve getting tight with Groovy Wiccan Debbie, seeing her twice a week and talking politics while she puts electrodes on me. I’ve memorized when the good stuff is on tv during the day (Little House On The Prairie on channel 62 at 9…Unsolved Mysteries on channel 48 at noon…) and yet keep up with work, all while typing, changing the channel, brushing my teeth, and sipping tea left-handed.
  • Looks like we’ll be saying goodbye to Daisy, my trusty rusty ’91 Plymouth. She was crunched by an asshat in an SUV as I drove to physical therapy (irony much?) two weeks ago. Right now I have a rental Toyota Echo (fun) while we wait for Asshat’s insurance to settle things.
  • I can now say I’ve bet on the ponies. My chosen thoroughbred, Donald Do Right, didn’t win, place, or show, but he came darn close. And I learned what those terms mean, along with exacta, trifecta, superfecta, post time, and lasix. D won about $40, so he bought me ice cream. The Track is somewhat like the fair – with better hats.
  • My dear friend Eric in London has suffered the most tragic loss of one of his beloved kitties, so if you think of it, send some healing energy towards the UK. And hug your fur friends tightly.
  • My pal B-chan is coming up tomorrow for a brief visit, and next weekend Melly, Mom & Antz, and a whole passel of friends are coming to celebrate my birthday. I love September!
  • A quick wave to my new friend in Norway. Hi Flo! She’s a sweet gal and has introduced me to Kings of Convenience, which makes her a Queen in my book.

    And that’s about it. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I have love and friends and cats and health (more or less) and family and ice cream and no shame and books and loveliness and a full hour of Alton Brown at nine. It’s all good.

    Back soon,

  • 3 thoughts on “Playing the Ponies

    1. I had NO idea you’d been crushed by an Asshat! I’m so glad you weren’t hurt.

      And how is B-chan, this is who I think it is, right?

      I wish you the very best and happiest 30th, my dearie.

      PS I was so excited that you are wearing the earrings I bought you!!!! 🙂


    2. Happy birthday, Megan! So easy to remember the day, isn’t it? Hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating that all important birthday – the big 3 – 0! Ok, maybe it’s not THAT important – it is just a number, after all, right?

      Have a great day!


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