A couple of mundane things to share:

  • I have not had surgery to correct the tendon in my hand. Part of my extended absence from my blog has involved a leave from work, and a ban on all typing and writing. After nearly three weeks of no or limited use of the hand, I am feeling better than I have in some time. More physical therapy is likely.
  • You may (or may not, honestly) have noticed that comments were off/closed for a while here at the blog. This is due to being slammed with comment spam – sometimes as many as 80 bogus comments a day. Ugh. I’ve reset controls so that you can comment on a current entry for a week after it is posted, and then comments will be closed. Thanks for your understanding. And to my friends who so desperately want me to buy Cialis or to engage in some hot online poker: fuck off.
  • D & I spent Thanksgiving at home together, and it was quite lovely. I make killer pies.
  • I’m still at the current job, plugging away. But that’s going to change.
  • For the first time since I was nine, I am 80% finished with my Christmas shopping on December 8th. 1% of my shopping has been in actual stores, and I tell you, I’ve never had such a enjoyable holiday season. Except for the heart attack thing.

    So thatÂ’s about it. I do believe I’ve completely updated you, and it’s time for lunch. I think I’ll get something heart healthy.

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    1. Doh! You WERE home?! On my way to visit family in DeKalb (sp?) I made a wrong turn and was within 15 mins of your place on Thanksgiving-eve. (Yeah DeKalb, THATS what a missed exit downtown will do to ya) Oh well, next time around then.


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