The Return of Meg

Welcome to the new HoM. Poking around, you’ll find new features mixed with familiar stuff, folded into a smooth creamy base. I hope you find it tasty. Stuff to notice:

-Design: All new, of course. A big shout out to Blogstyles for providing inspiration and the great template and stylesheet tools that finally got me started. Besides an overall style change, I’ve streamlined some areas, removing old, tired links, and tried to make every page as consistent in style and layout as possible.

-Categories: Most entries are now sorted into a few categories by type, thereby thrilling the organizational dominatrix in me. I’ve cracked the whip at older entries, too, although some don’t exactly fit into their categories perfectly, but Mistress Meg will make them behave! Meaning, um, if you click on any of the category links, you’ll see a more intuitive flow of entries from here out, and a few iffy choices in entries past.

-PhotoBlog: Hosted by Flickr, my photoblog is groovy. I’ve been keeping it for a little while, and am glad to finally integrate it here.

There are still wonky parts (the main archives are still in progress), but overall I’m feeling pleased. So, have I spent the last three months working on this? Is this what my hiatus was for?

Yes and no. I’ve tinkered with the HoM for the last couple of weeks. The bulk of the last months has been spent working on this.

So good to see you. Please keep coming back.

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