Universal Appeal

I could not stop staring at a woman on my train today. First, it was her spiky-short haircut – the kind of style I always admire with awe but could never imagine myself having – and then, I noticed she had on two different earrings. Very different earrings. One was a big gold hoop, and the other a much smaller silver lever-back type. I had to wonder, was this intentional? Or did she put them on in a hurry this morning, running out of the house to catch the last rush-hour train? I’ve done that, and later pretended I was making a statement.

Then, on my bus, I caught myself staring at a man below in a car. Inching along in the morning traffic, my bus and his Civic met up at a light, where I glanced down at him. I found him attractive, so let my glance linger a bit. My eyes strayed to check out his car sound system when I noticed smoke rising from his right hand. For some reason, the realization that he was smoking with all of his windows up utterly fascinated me. It’s a fairly mild day here in Chicago, a perfect day for driving with the windows down, so why not open up and let the smoke out? As I pondered this, the man starting shifting nervously in his seat. Then, he flipped down his visor mirror and began fussing with his very short hair. And it hit me that he was trying not to look to his left, at the bus, and that I’d been openly watching him for quite a few long moments. I looked away, and smiled.

Added a few snaps to the photoblog and messed with the galleries option a little bit. Also, I’ve enabled anonymous comments, so you no longer need to be a member of Buzznet to participate. So stop by and tell me how you feel about my cleavage.

I was wary at first, but now I love the Oy Oy Oy Show segment of Al Franken’s radio show. Also, very sad to note the passing of Unfiltered with Rachel Maddow, Lizz Winstead, and Chuck D. I’m glad AAR has added Jerry Springer, but did they have to take off one of the freshest shows in their lineup? Poo.

I could not have looked more Urban Professional this morning. Picture this: pretty round girl walking south on Michigan Avenue with purple messenger back slung across chest, lipstick matching her wine-colored velvet jeans, carrying women’s health text in right hand, decaf latte (with shot of almond) in left hand, and pink iPod mini in left pocket. If only my destination was a DePaul campus, rather than my piss-ass job. Ah well. That time will come.

One thought on “Universal Appeal

  1. just saying hello . . .

    very groovy layout but i had to use
    the accessibility options
    because of my near-sightedness . . .

    karen can probably read it fine
    because she’s far-sighted . . .

    i’d move my monitor closer
    but then i’d lose all my deskspace . . .

    still write a lot of notes
    with pen and paper notebooks . . .


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