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Rilo Kiley – More Adventurous

(Check out their site, and you’ll be treated to a free listen of ‘It’s a Hit.’)

I can’t stop listening to this disc. Jenny Lewis’ vocals are crisp but sweet, with a clarity and sincerity I haven’t heard in a long, long time. She can belt and whisper and simply tell the truth in songs like ‘Portions For Foxes’ that surprise with their wry and wide-eyed lyrics.

And the range of the group is astounding. They take us from sweeping pop epic (‘Does He Love You’) to post-modern Croce (‘Absence of God’) to cheerful techno-pop (‘Accidental Deth’) without losing one ounce of their incredible stamina and integrity. Listening to them, I’m taken back to the best of the early 90s indie scene, before it was all co-opted by the big labels. I can’t recommend it more. It’s the tightest, most refreshing album I’ve come across in years. Give it a try.

3 thoughts on “CD of The Week

  1. Oh, it’s a great one, isn’t it? A co-worker of mine tossed it my way a couple months ago, and it was also an in-store play at B&N while I was working there recently (my multi-job phase) – I would put it on any time I worked. The sincerity of it really is so appealing, and you’re right, her voice is something special.
    Nice review. You are so good at this writing thing!


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