Good Girl.

Lady Bug has been abused in the past and has some fear aggression problems, but she’s very loving for all that. We’re pals, and I really enjoy my early afternoons with her.

Our typical visit goes like this:

Lady: [lunging, but full of fear] barkbarkbarkBARKbarkbarkbarkBARKgrrrrrrwl! (trans. please don’t kill me)
Me: [giving her a hand to sniff] Hi Lady Bug! Hey there posey! You know me. Wanna go for your WALK?
Lady: [licks my hand]
Me: good GIRL!
Lady: [looks up at me, a little less scared now]
Me: let’s get your stuff. You want the pink collar or the red one?
Lady: [endures silly question patiently, knows treat may be involved]
Me: pink it is!
Lady: [wags tail a little, knows treat may be involved]

Off we go, through her quiet neighborhood, to the huge soccer field of a nearby school. She loves it there and for a few moments her eyes will grow shiny with excitement as she romps and plays and, I hope, forgets whatever it was that’s made her so very scared of the world.

A pretty posey takes a moment’s rest on a walk in mid-July.

6 thoughts on “Good Girl.

  1. She is absolutely bootiful. My family has always had a fondness for German Shephards. Glad you are making new friends 🙂


  2. Aww… What a beautiful girl. You know it is funny, I was just wondering last night how the dog thing was going. 🙂


  3. Thank you for this little peek into your dog walking day. What a beautiful dog – though I may a bit biased towards her breed!


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