September Digest

The ninth month of the year has come and gone again, with lightning speed and cracking leaves. I spent most of it studying and walking and cleaning up poop. But, like most of life, there have been unexpected turns and flowing creamy centers. So grab a marshmallow and join me on a trip to My September.

The Beast With Five Fingers
Remember this? It’s deja vu all over again.

The tendon issues in my right hand and thumb flared up again, sending me to my doctor’s office, whimpering for relief from the pain. He gave it to me in the form of an innocent-looking corticosteroid six-day dose pack, which by the fourth day had given me a stomach ulcer.

No, seriously.

I started physical therapy again and in it I remain. My thumb hurts today, but it’s not unbearable. What’s very difficult to bear is the notion I carry that my former employers at The Agency caused all this.

Fire Pit
But why be bitter? Living with an ulcer is fun! I’ve spent weeks visiting the charming hamlet of New Blandelsburg where everything is very vanilla, un-seasoned, and soft. I have reacquainted myself with pudding, an old friend I haven’t spent much time with since junior high, and the subtle texture of alphabet pasta without sauce. And let’s not forget Boost&#174. It gives me The Energy to Embrace Life&#8482, and embrace it, I have. Why, just looking at the packaging makes me want to canoe, walk briskly, or dangle a small child by its hands.

Sarcasm aside, it has been a challenge, to say the least, to live with this pain and utter lack of appetite all while walking ten dogs a day and studying Biodiversity. But, I have to tell you, I rally like a little French horse, even though I have no idea what that means. Aside from a few complaints here and there to my Darl, I’ve tried to just push through the problem, follow doctors’ orders, and get better.

Thirty Years Come and Gone
I spent my birthday itself working and in class. After the long class and drive home, I enjoyed a Sophia Mini and relaxing with my husband. The real celebration happened the weekend before with cake and games at my mom’s house. We had a fabulous time, even though I lost my wallet at an antique mall in Hometown (retrieved it later with everything intact, miracle of miracles). I even found an amazing vintage coat from the 40s for a song, and it fit. I’m actually looking forward to days cold enough to wear it with the gorgeous hand-knit scarf sent to me form Norway.

The Days Roll On
Physical Therapy, gastroenterology, biodiversity, art therapy, dog poop, leashes, biscuits, crunchy leaves…September was full of excitement.

Near the end of the month, we spent half a day at the local roller coaster park. I’m a late convert, but despite my abject terror on those first hills, I do love screaming through loops and down big drops, wind in my hair, the scream ripped out of my throat. I’m afraid Darl had to put up with an awful lot of, “You’re sure I’m not going to die on this one?” And he was right – I didn’t die at all. It was much fun, followed by a small dinner at the Cracker Barrel. God, I love those biscuits, even when I can only eat half of one.

Gag Me With an…Endoscope
The month ended with a day of sedation and a tube down my throat. Here’s what I wrote in my paper journal on Friday night, about three hours post-procedure:

What an interesting day. Upper endoscopy is done. I enjoyed sedation, as I tend to. It is a wacky unusual experience to feel something enter your bloodstream and then suddenly affect your central nervous system. I remember staring at the equipment and saying to myself, “that must be it now,” and feeling surprised no one told me that the drug was coming.

I next remember a female voice saying, “Megan you’re all done” or something to that effect. I felt very reluctant to wake up. The sleep was so sweet! Then I think she said she’d go get my husband, because suddenly he was there. He gave me cold water and it was so delicious. I giggled a lot at that point. I still don’t know why.

We’re watching “House of Wax” tonight. Fun! Vincent Price is so fun to watch in these early films. We have two more 50s horror movies and animal cookies and I have a pink glow stick AND a balloon too!

I was sedated today.

I do distinctly remember a moment after we’d come home when I looked into the bathroom mirror and thought, “that girl’s been drugged.” They gave me some good stuff. And the buttercream icing in the cake is the full color photos of my upper gastrointestinal system they gave me as a parting gift. Pink and shiny, my guts look good. The test confirmed that I’m on the mend. There’s more follow-up to do, but for now I’ve bid adieu to the nourshingly chalky tang of Boost&#8482 and am back on sold foods, like a big girl. I still have my balloon though.

And, The Madness
And so, September ended and October begins. You know what that means, don’t you?

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  1. I turned 30 too! Just last Sunday, me.
    The ulcer – boo. Being on the mend – yay. Horror movie month – so very much Meg.
    Here’s to a wonderful October.


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