Quality Control

Ok. So. It’s November 16 and I haven’t finished the Month of Madness saga. I know. Like an albatross, that knowledge is with me.

But this Quarter has been killer. And it’s all my fault. I haven’t been half as focused as I should have been on my work over the last couple of months, with the net result being intense, ass-kicking effort now as I reach the end zone.

I just made a sport reference. Hunh.

So, I’m worn out. Beat down. And irritated at myself. The good news is that with two more small readings, a smallish writing exercise and a one paragraph summary, I’m done for the Fall. With any luck and a little push, I’ll be done tomorrow. That, my friends, is a week early, so at least I have one accomplishment to hang my pride on.

But, foo. I wish I’d worked harder this quarter. You know I’m going to kill this Spring – and during the December term.

Back with fun entries in a few days…

3 thoughts on “Quality Control

  1. Oh yeah – one is Great Big Sea’s newest, the Hard and The Easy. They’re a group from Newfoundland that mixes modern sounds with traditional sea shanties and such. You should check them out. I didn’t mention it in the entry b/c I plan to give it to someone else who reads me for Christmas and didn’t want to give it away.

    The other was George Winston’s Summer. I don’t know why, I just love that album.


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