Oh Bother.

Only I could sprain my ankle twice – twice! – in a three week time span. I am housebound and nearly bed-bound, cranky and peevish. My ankle looks like a clay model gone bad.

However. I am grateful for these things which help maintain sanity, in no special order:
-My hand-me-down laptop and excellent wireless card
-The lap desk Todd gave me a couple of Christmases ago. Who knew?
-Thaddius the Soft Purple Bear
-Mr. Rogers
-The swift delivery of movies from Netflix
-The three wonderful PBS stations that are the saving grace of our lame cable line-up
-Ritz&#8483 Crackers and Sargento cheese shapes
-These excellent blue gel ice pack things that model well to the bumpy ankle area
-Mr. Biscuit and The Lant
-L.M. Montgomery and Neil Gaiman
-Joel, Mike and the ‘Bots and the Bread Delivery Short
-The bootleggers who sold me some rare eps of Pinwheel and Dusty’s Treehouse a couple of years ago. These simple kids’ shows are such good company.
-Needles, thread, and Christmas Crafts for Cute Shut-Ins

I really miss my dogs, though. And walking. And leaving my bedroom. Remind me again why I wanted a house with stairs?