Crushed by an Ape

This is the project the never ends
Yes, it goes on and on my friends
it seems I
started writing it, not knowing what it was
and I’ll just keep on writing it
forever just because
this is the project that never ends…

Here’s a bit of my introduction. I wish I knew what my point was.

…When I was young, monsters were always my favorite, and therefore least favorite, of all scary things.

Among the many creatures keeping me awake at night were Godzilla, his fellow countryman Goldar, FrankensteinÂ’s monster, and a certain enormous gorilla. I’m uncertain as to when I first glimpsed his huge face and frightening hands, but like most consumers of American popular culture, I’ve been aware of King Kong for most of my life. The image of that great ape atop the Empire State Building is an iconic one, etched into our collective hallway of movie posters. He’s almost a Jungian archetype now, our own snorting, growling beast-man, misunderstood and lonely. But, I’m getting ahead of my own narrative here.

Yeah, way, way, way ahead.

One thought on “Crushed by an Ape

  1. Hey, it’s a start. A GOOD start. Made me want to read the rest of your paper. So get out from under that gorilla and finish it!


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