Great Cakes

I found this entry today (1/22/07), and since it’s sort of cute, here it is, posted with its original date. I have no idea what the title means.

oh, and yes, I earned a 4.0 for the fall quarter.

So, school is done until January. I had two courses downtown this quarter, which was both tremendous and tedious. While I loved being in the actual Loop campus, feeling all cosmopolitan and studious in Chicago itself, it was a difficult commute. Half of the time I commuted via Metra train from home, and the other half I drove from Indiana. The fact that I got to take an actual film course made all of the driving and late-night train rides worth it, though.

I know my grades will be good; I’m hoping they’ll be somewhat excellent. I’m feeling very proud that I could complete my courses despite all that went on this fall. I had decided during our first week of Wyn’s illness that no matter what, he would want me to keep on. He always wanted me to reach the potential he could so clearly see in me, and was so quietly happy about my school career. I just could not let him down by giving up on this quarter.

So what did you all do for Halloween? I wasn’t able to have my Month of Madness daily horror movie project this year, but I did watch a scary one here and there. I spent most of Halloween writing a paper in Wyn’s studio, which is a wonderful place to write. I finished the draft in time to come in to the main house and watch Barbara force trick-or-treaters to engage in conversation to earn their candy. That sounds much worse than it was. She was actually very cute, and wanted to get the kids to talk a little and tell her about their costumes; to make it an event for them, rather than a free candy grab. We watched Halloween III (1983) and Halloween IV(1988) in bits and pieces until we needed a change of pace and then switched to Mommie Dearest (1981), which is a horror movie of an entirely different kind.

After trick-or-treating trailed off, D & I headed over to Mom’s for snacks and cider. It was a lovely end to an unlovely October. But I missed my movies.

Next year, for sure.