for the love of crap

Valentine’s day was quiet. We went to iHan’s, that new Apple-owned restaurant Oh, D tells me it was Houlihan’s, with the first four letters burned out in the sign. Things make more sense now.

So, we went to dinner at a local chain that has fairly good food and a slightly better variety of crazy crap on the walls. I had a flight of mini martinis and a migraine (I didn’t order the latter, but the former helped it) and the pot roast. There is a whole lot of it left over in the fridge as I write.

Why are restaurant portions so huge, anyway?

D had overdone rosemary chicken and a good microbrew. We came home and talked about ethics and friendships for about two hours and then watched Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life while eating brownies. It was a perfect date. It’s good to feel like dating again.

Oh, and there were presents! I got him a gift certif for a massage and some chocolates. He bought me many lovely things, including chocolates. And one of my dogs got me chocolates. Good dog.

D also got me something I’m a little ashamed to mention, but here goes.

Yep, he got me Ghost on DVD. It is an amazingly bad movie, as I have mentioned before, and my love for it is something difficult to explain. It is bigger than you and me. It plays by its own rules.

So, thank you, sweetest Darly, for indulging my love of the craptastic. It will fit perfectly next to my copy of Showgirls.

3 thoughts on “for the love of crap

  1. Ghost! It’s craptastically good! Whoopie Goldberg doesn’t get enough roles as a no-nonsense black woman! Happy Love Day, love!


  2. Cute pic!
    Ah, Ghost. 🙂
    Don’t be embarrassed, pet – we’ve all seen it.
    (Some of us still have no idea why.)


  3. Oh how cute are you? The answer, very.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, dearie. And thanks for the card. That quote on the front is so perfect, because she would always walk up and bump my hand with her beautiful head.

    You’re a good friend.


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