The new.

So yeah, new digs.

Finding time to work on this in between ever-increasing piles of schoolwork, home life, and various dog duties has been a challenge. And today I finally, finally had a bunch of hours in a row to spend knocking down the Big Barriers to going live. And here we are.

A word about the tech stuff.
So, naturally I’m doing all of this with my Mac Mini, with it’s big fat gig and SupaDrive. I love that little box. It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

The platform for the blog itself is WordPress 2.1.3, highly modular and tweakable. OMG themes! OMG widgets! After coding everything by hand in Moveable Type at the old blog, WP is like the slickiest slicky to ever slick.

Along the way, I’ve been assisted by Smultron, a great text editor with a name like one of the Council of Doom, Fetch, the cutest ftp client I could find, the thematic stylings of Frisky Wife, a bunch of good people who wrote super fun widgets, The Electric Company Vol 2., Rose Smith, and a fresh batch of crystal meth.

I’m probably kidding about that last one.

And, of course, I could not have gotten half this far without the help of The Captain. You’re my favorite.

There are still many things I want to tweak and adjust and add and update, but I’m happy to finally show you what I’ve got. All the old stuff is here, with some new pages and features, like the Library of Mirth.

The old site will go away very soon. I’ll miss it, and I’m proud of it. Funny how life keeps moving along.

4 thoughts on “The new.

  1. Impressed with blog makeover. Good job! And thanks for the update – I was thinking about you earlier today, actually (while out walking Mia in the driving rain). Hope you are well, all things considered.


  2. Smultron! YES!!! MY favorite text editor ever. I prefer cyberduck for ftp though — it’s got a rubber duckie for an icon, and it’s free.

    Oh how I love The Electric Company. HEYY YOUUUU GUYYYYSSS!!!!!!!


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