Double Three, Baybee.


I have always loved being whatever age I am at the moment (nine! I’m nine! wee! Fourteen rulez! I’m twenty six! wee!) and this year is no exception. Thirty-three. 33. Double threes are really cool. I love the roundness of the number and the asymmetrical symmetry of turning 33 on the 13th.

I don’t remember what I did when I turned 13 on the 13th, back in 1987. I’m sure there was a party of some sort, involving my bff Alix, and a cake from Allen’s, which was a family tradition. I know I was in eighth grade, having a happy fall and going steady with a boy named John who was cute, geeky, shy, and played the trombone. He may have given me a birthday card, but I might be making that up. I do know he broke up with me a couple months later, for my friend Laura D, and she turned him down flat. Laura was the shit.

But I don’t remember much about turning 13, which is funny because it’s supposed to be a huge deal, you know, becoming a teenager and all. I’m sure I got something Monkees-related, and there were balloons. I love balloons.


They aren’t any balloons in the house this year, ’cause as much as I love their joyful defiance of gravity, I find them sort of wasteful now. But there are lots of pink things piled up in the living room; gift bags and cards in pink envelopes, and a pink and white pet bed which was supposed to be for a future dog-to-be, but has been commandeered by The Lant. There’s also the remains of a pink and white cake, and a craptastic Italian horror movie fresh from Netflix, and books galore.

Oh, and there’s gin.


So, it’s a happy day, with a crazy good weekend to come, when D gets back from business in Albany. I am as happy as a cat in a pink and white dog bed.

Especially ’cause I got this in my inbox:



3 thoughts on “Double Three, Baybee.

  1. Happy belated birthday, sweetie! I didn’t forget – there’s an e-mail in your inbox and hopefully, there’ll be a package in your mailbox any day now – it’s just that I didn’t realize you’d been updating your blog. Do you think you could start sending out those House of Mirth Updates again, for those space cadets (oh, okay – me) in your life who forget to look for updates on their own?
    I liked what you said about how you’ve always loved being whatever age you are at the moment. That’s the spirit! Wish I could be like that, too.


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