All Hallows Help


September is fast waning, despite the summery weather, and October looms. And that means Halloween is on its way.

In years past, I have embarked on the blood-spattered journey of watching a horror movie a day in the month of October, something I like to call my Month of Madness.

In 2004, I just had fun. In 2005, I nearly drove myself crazy trying to write and balance my schoolwork, but I somehow crossed the finish line.

So this year, I need you to help me get organized. I need suggestions. I need ideas for movies that I haven’t seen a gazillion times.


I need to get a plan now, so that I will have a store of films ready for the watching, and my schoolwork won’t suffer from my scrambling around to find something. I’m thinking of setting a theme for each week in the month, and watching films related to that theme. What do you think, oh wise friends? I need your advice. If so inclined, post a comment with your thoughts on:

  • film titles for me to hunt down – as I said at the end of 2005’s project, I need to get outside of my own preferences a little bit and expand my horizons
  • suggestions for weekly themes – like all Tobe Hooper, or all zombies
  • and

  • ideas for the Grand Finale marathon on the 31st
  • I’d love to hear what my horrorlicious friends would want to see. So help a girl out and I’ll share my candy with you.


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