It Begins

Meg’s Month of Madness is underway! I’ve already watch three movies, and am about to sit down to my fourth. I’ve written about two of the films, am trying to forget the third, and will get the reviews posted asap. First, let’s go over the game plan, k?

The rules are basically the same as when I hammered them out two years ago, with adjustments as needed:

  1. I must watch one film every day. A day without a horror film will effectively end the experiment.
  2. The film must be well within the “horror” genre – no mystery, no suspense, no chicks in prison*. “Thrillers” are marginally acceptable, but must have a body count of at least two.
  3. Mystery Science Theater 3000 films are acceptable, but again, the film must fall within the horror genre. Just having Mike/Joel and the Bots along does not automatically qualify a film. The same goes for other hosted shows, like Svengoolie, Commander USA and The WOW Monster Show.
  4. I must write a capsule review for each film and post it here. I will even use a silly rating system.
  5. A film started before midnight but ending after the calendar has turned to the next day counts for the day on which the film started. That’s fair, isn’t it?
  6. Watching a film PornStyle™ – that is to say fast forwarding through the slow stuff to get to the good bits – is acceptable IF I have seen the film before in its entirety, at regular speed. However, this can only be used three times during the month.
  7. No repeating a film during the month. Unless I absolutely have to.

Of course, I reserve the right to bend my own rules in order to, say, preserve my GPA or maintain friendships, that sort of stuff. I’m thinking #6 may be applied a little more liberally, so I hope you’ll give me that leeway.

New for 2007! Theme Weeks! I’ve designated each week this month for a certain type of movie, and this has made organizing this thing heaps easier.

Week 1 (10/1 – 10/7): Hammer Studios Week

I’m watching films made by England’s Hammer Studios this week. Gothic horror, with bright red blood, lots of tasteful cleavage, great acting, and as much Peter Cushing as I can manage.


Week 2 (10/8 – 10/14): Really Scary Week

This week is all about films that really, truly scare me. Nothing campy, badly dubbed, or hosted by robots this week. I will be sleeping with the lights on.


Week 3 (10/15 – 10/21): All Threes

The third in the series is the flavor for the third week of the month. If the first film was good, and the sequel was just passable, then the third is most likely a pain parade. And I’ll be watching seven of them. Thanks to Paul (Hi Paul!) for the sequels suggestion.


Week 4 (10/22 – 10/28): Fun Week

Halloween specials, horror satires, and some puppets will be on the menu this week. I know animation is involved and I expect the Great Pumpkin to bring toys by weeks’ end.


10/29, 30, and 31: Well, I’m not sure.

Blood will flow, but from whom I do not yet know. I’d love your suggestions for a few whiz-bang (does anyone say that?) movies to close out the Madness.

So, off we go!


Oh, one last thing. I now have a mailing list, so if you’d like to be notified when the Mirth is updated, check out the subscription page.

*Ooops. Sort of broke this already, but it wasn’t my fault. Entirely.

2 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. Paul passed along the link to your site and I look forward to seeing what you watch this month. I love the “All Threes” theme week! But I also pity you if you’re actually planning on watching Slumber Party Massacre III (though that movie does get credit for its female director, something quite rare in horror). Make sure you include Sleepaway Camp III that week.

    (Self-link, some horror reviews I’ve written over the years: )


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