Intermission: I hurt!

Ugggggg. My throat has been so sore for the past five (!) days. I am a miserable horror chick. Fever, congestions, aches and pains – check. I’ve got it all. Thank goodness I’ve finally got my student health plan now, after a year of paying out of pocket, but the hoops I’m having to go through to see my doctor are just too much. I feel like a one-woman version of Sicko, seriously.

Also amusing: my last name is hyphenated and this has sent Big Insurance Company into some kind of breakdown, whereby it keeps issuing me new ID cards with new and improved variants on my name. So far I have three, Megan Hyphenated-Name, Megan Hyphenatedname, and Megan Hyphenated Name. I have no idea which one to use, so I’m on hold (again) with BIC to try and figure it all out. I swear I’m getting some stress related disease just trying to use the system.

So, movies? Yes, lots. The Week of Threes is over, and it was painful. I’m still smarting from Slumber Party Massacre III (though I was warned), and Creepshow III really, really hated me. Because I felt terrible, physically, and I could not take one more psychic battering, I ended The Week of Threes early and declared Sunday night the beginning of Fun Week. Just what the (cinema) doctor ordered.

Update: my doc says it’s a virus.  crap.

3 thoughts on “Intermission: I hurt!

  1. Alison and Jackson both had strep then Alison finished off with Mono. She missed a week of school, bummer. So listen to the Doc and feel better the night is next week and you don’t want to miss trick or treating.


  2. Poor little lamb. Try some ginger lemon tea – helps soothe a sore throat, I find. Hope you’ll start feeling better soon.


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